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yaheetech cat litter box enclosure review

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Yaheetech Cat Litter Box Enclosure

A nice piece of furniture to hide your litter box. Yaheetech has a variety of cat box enclosures that can double as a piece of furniture. With limited space and yet still wanting something attractive, this is the way to go.

BUT… only one problem.

How does your cat do their business?

You would be extremely disappointed if your cat likes to stand up and pee. Also a big box can’t be housed inside the space. But for those terrific kitties that can use a short box this is a plus.

This piece of furniture does take up space.  Yet if there is room for it, this can double as a table to put things on and a very attractive way to hide a litter box. Although this model isn’t extremely large you still need the room both width and height for it to fit. So please measure where you would put it before deciding to purchase.

Lots of nice features to this model and other designs that Yaheetech has that you might consider. Just make sure you have room and that your cat is a good candidate for a short litter box.

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Yaheetech Pet Furniture Cabinet Side Table for Small Space

• This is not only a good way to conceal a cat’s litter box, but also a piece of neutral modern home furniture. Make pet supplies go well with any other home furniture in your house, suitable for the living room, hallway, bathroom, laundry room, etc. Indoor use.

• To ensure the table interior has good ventilation, we add seven air vents on the back panel of the pet side table. With the front door and back air vents, the pet bathroom will be less frowsty.

• If you are looking for a smart way to hide the open cat litter box, this wooden litter box enclosure is what you need. This small cabinet can perfectly fit a litter box as 17″L x 16″W. With a cat hole of 9.8 ” x 9.8″ triangular shape in the front, cats can easily go through.

• We cut a rounded triangle hole in the door panel so that the cat can go in and out easily. Thanks to the quality hinges, the door can open and close smoothly. Plus, the door has a lock, so you can lock it up when not in use. With decorative lines on the surface, this table is exquisite.

• Illustrated instructions to guide you through the assembly. All matching hardware is included.

• The surface of the pet house is smooth for easy cleaning; a wet cloth will do the job.

• This table serves well as a side table, a decorative cat litter box, or a pet house. The tabletop can be a good place for your lovely ornaments or can be a small platform for your pet to rest on.

• Customizable side bar can be assembled on the right or left side of the cabinet whichever is best for your home.

Yaheetech Cat Litter Box Enclosure, Indoor Pet Crate-Hidden Cat House Cat Washroom with Vent Holes & Towel Bar, Pet Furniture Cabinet Side Table for Small Space, WhiteBuy today from Chewy

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