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Wooden Outdoor Vertical Catio review

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Wooden Outdoor Vertical Catio

Cat enclosures keeps your adventurous kitty safe. Some cats are determined to go outside and seem to enjoy the smells and sights of the great outdoors. The only problem is the many dangers that lurk outside.

When I was a teenager I had a black cat that wandered on to the beach across the road. A neighbor seen an eagle swoop down and pick up a cat. My cat never returned home. I can only assume it was my cat. Today I think about that tragic moment in my young cat’s short life. The next cat I got was a gray cat and his life was also cut short, he was hit by a car. I decided it was no longer an option to put my parents through possibly having to look after a cat they didn’t want, if by luck it survived longer than the last two did.

So, it wasn’t until I married and had a home did I again mention getting a cat. I knew when you had a purebred you kept it inside. Alley cats got to go out. Kind of a misguided opinion at the time. But that cat survived being an indoor/outdoor trooper. Even adjusted to the big city.

Once I got my next cats they were and always will be indoor only cats. There have been many cats over the years and none seem at all anxious about the big outdoors. There were some, when I had a sliding glass door, would rush to smell the air when I opened it up. But none seemed interested to discover what was beyond the screen. 

If you have a cat or cats that are longing to go outside then maybe a catio is the perfect answer. How big or elaborate your catio is depends on not only your budget, but the space you have in your backyard. Some of the catios have ways for your cat to access the house and they could come and go as they want. Or it could be closed up to access by closing a window or a cat door. Even outdoor catios will need some maintenance to keep them clean. Having it on a strong surface such as a patio will help in keeping it clean rather than out on the ground. If you have access for them to go in and out of the house, then there would be no need to have a litter box in the catio.

Also great if you need to house new cats or kittens, especially if you rescue them and don’t have enough room for the increased population in your home. Sometimes the safety of a smaller area for the newbies is appropriate to helping them adjust, yet not isolated away from everyone. Although this is advertised as outdoor, it could be used inside away from the elements, especially if the weather is either too hot or too cold.


Wooden outdoor enclosure table

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Cat Enclosure Outdoor Wooden Large Catio Vertical Cage

Brand by MEDEHOO

Product Dimensions: 77″L x 36″W x 69″H

Vertical Climbing Enclosure: Catio with 69″ high vertical climbing space for your cat to explore! The abundant vertical space releases the cat’s jumping nature.

Multi-tier House: 4 levels for your cat to enjoy the warm sunshine or climb to the very top. 5 wooden shelves satisfies the cat’s need for jump, stare, and nap.

Window Cat Kennel: A removable back door allows you to connect the cage to the window. Keep cats safe in and out. The height from window to ground is 35.6″.

Walk-in Design: The front door with latches at 65.8″ tall creates an easy access point for you to go inside to interact with your cats, makes feeding and cleaning easy.

Comfortable Living Space: This large kitty playpen features both an indoor cat house for cat naps and an outdoor run space to play.Keep your cats dry and safe inside.

Three Boxes Packing: Large Cat enclosure comes in 3 BOXES, they may arrive at different times.

Create the perfect safe summertime play space for your cat with the MEDEHOO Playhouse Cat Enclosure.

Just like humans, cats need physical, mental, and emotional stimulus. They enjoy watching fast moving objects like birds, and moving their bodies in natural predatory ways. They also use the sun to regulate body temperature before dozing off. It’s no surprise to see cats sleeping next to windows and doors. With its 4-storied climbing annex, Meow Manor is the ideal luxury enclosure for cats that love to climb and look down on the world… or stare at life over the fence! For cats that love to jump, stare, and nap, this guilt-free outdoor enclosure makes perfect sense.

   • Inner hole to go up and down

   • Rear door for window

   • Platform for resting and jumping

   • Removable bottom level for cat litter box

   • Middle level with bridge

   • Top level with door


Wooden outdoor enclosure table

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