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Why Does My Cat Pee on My Bed?

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Lucy waiting for cat cookiesReason your cat urinates outside the box

Cats don’t set out to be bad or have a revenge plot in mind. I know it can be frustrating and there can be many reasons for what seems to be a revolt. Trust me, they are not capable of a manipulative behavior. Yes, cats are smart but would never do a no-no to teach you a lesson.

I have had my share of cats peeing and pooping outside of the box. It is frustrating. Most incidents there was a reason and for the ones that were a puzzle I found a solution.


It is just like they say in real estate, location, location, location.

That is probably the first issue to look at. If a cat feels like it has no privacy where the litter box resides they will find somewhere else to do their business. But what if that was fine months ago for them, but why is it a problem now? The answer to that question is what has changed. Do you have a new pet? Is there someone new in the house? Is there more activity in the area of the litter box? Was there something that fell in the area that frightened your cat? Are there new smells in the area?

Are you using a new litter box or a different cat litter? Is the litter box being changed often enough? Do you have enough litter boxes? Are the litter boxes placed in a convenient place for them to use when needed? Are the litter boxes sharing space with people in the house?

Not sure why my cat Freckles, decided to use a suitcase. Had left it on the floor after a short vacation and she used it to pee on, totally out of character for her. Tried to cut the odor, but it never really did go away. For her reason, I doubt that it was because we had gone away. More likely the luggage smelled maybe of a room that had a dog in it or the litter box she wanted to use was occupied at the time and this was an easy substitute. But not a pay back for leaving. All the cats had been left before so this wasn’t a reason.

If nothing in the environment has changed time to investigate another reason.


Is your cat ill?

This is not easy to tell, as cats are very good at hiding how they feel. Urinary tract infections can cause a cat to pee outside the box. This is an emergency situation. If there is blood in the urine you know it is an infection and needs medical attention. Just dabbing it up with white tissues or toilet paper you can easily see blood. Did this with a male cat I had and he was placed on antibiotics, soon he was back using the litter box.

Many years ago I had a cat that had a serious sinus infection. She couldn’t smell that well and she ended up spraying everything and peeing on certain areas of the carpet. She was given antibiotics but it made her so lethargic. It never stopped her from spraying, but it slowed it down. It was at a time my vet had died and the transitions from numerous vets that did little to help solve the issue. One suggested I see a cat shrink. (This cat loved everybody and was so well adjusted she didn’t need a shrink.) I switched vets and never brought up the situation again until it got so bad and then I was finally sent to a surgeon. The surgery was performed, but her blood wouldn’t clot and she died. It still breaks my heart and that was in 1990.

Another reason can be with food allergies. Molly was highly allergic to dairy products. Even the tiniest amount could cause severe issues. The last episode was when she had no more than 1/8 teaspoon of cheddar cheese. Within minutes she was throwing up white and bloody foam. Another 5 minutes and she was crying in pain and soon was pooping with blood lined stools. Never again was she allowed to having anything with dairy. Some cat foods actually contain dairy products so one has to be diligent if your cat has allergies.

The 2 I have now were both sick in the summer of 2022. They both came down with various problems and Lucy was the only one who didn’t use the box all the time. So I had to consider their diet and yes they both were consuming dairy products and considering the size of the cat and the consumption of dairy, it was far too much. No longer do they indulge in uncensored dairy. Once in a while they will get a tiny lick of cheese. I think of it as one M&M for an adult. Maybe one tiny rosette of whip cream, which is equal to a half teaspoon. Very rarely does this happen and they have been healthy ever since.


What about the times there seems to be no reason?

Lucy has pooped on the beds. She usually lets out a howl and if you come running she will get off the bed and do it in the litter box. Grateful she has not found an alternative if she can’t use the beds. Not sure why she doesn’t use the box on those occasions, but I try to see if there is a difference from her normal stool. When I do notice a difference then I start adding plain canned pumpkin to her meals. But I have this whole situation diverted by placing a plastic shower curtain on the bed. So if she does decide to use the bed, it will be an easy cleanup. But it seems to stop her from using the beds and hoping if I forget to cover the bed she won’t attempt to use the bed. Don’t feel confident at all, it is an extra thing I would rather not bother with, but it beats having to strip the bed and deodorize it.

When I had the cat that sprayed I plastic wrapped the sofas and chairs. Changing them when it definitely needed to be changed. It is amazing when they mark (as in her case for smell) how many times she sprayed each day. If I caged her she would use the litter box, but that got to be something I didn’t have the heart to do for very long. So I lived with plastic wrap around my soft furniture and flipped up the carpet part that she used to air it out. But cat pee lasts for years and is very damaging.

Years ago I had made a hooked rug (blue in color… so was that the reason) and had it by the bed. Andy pooped on it. After cleaning it up and washing it several times I decided it was time to just forget about the rug and quit using it. Never did know why he thought it was a great place to do his business.

You can fight or give in and sometimes you can solve the issues or defer the behavior by different methods. It is all about adjusting to keep your sanity and the forever commitment to your pet. I always think it could be worse, so I’m grateful for some inconveniences.


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P.S.   Do you have a cat that won’t use the litter box?

          Did you ever have a cat that didn’t want to use the litter box and you figured out what was wrong?


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