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Why Do You Want a Cat?

Blue Point Siamese

Lucy, blue point Siamese


Responsible pet ownership comes with many long-term commitments. Are you up for the challenge?

Can you afford to feed them, especially if they need a special diet?

Vet bills can be expensive if they get sick.

Are you prepared to keep them indoors, away from dangers? Cars, dogs, wild animals are a threat to cats?

Responsible Cat Ownership

Outside cats encounter fleas, poisons, such as anti-freeze, poisoned rodents, fertilizers on grass, weed killers. Our own property may be free from those dangers. But cats will wander to the neighbors. And you have no control over their yard.

Cats kept inside don’t run into the above scenarios. Life span of indoor cats is usually much longer than outdoor ones. So keep your furry family member inside for the healthiest existence. They won’t miss the outside if they never experience it. You can’t miss what you don’t know exists.

Each year, thousands of abandoned animals roam the streets or are taken to shelters.

Animals can’t comprehend why they were just hustled out the door. Or dropped off at shelters and locked in cages like little prisoners.

Little kittens 6 or 8 weeks old dumped in a neighborhood to fend for themselves. Taken away from their mother and their home. Pushed out the car door at night. Heartless owners leaving it up to the targeted neighbors to take care of them.

Happened a few years back on our walking route. At the end of the cul-de-sac we watched the birds in the field. A tiny meow. An adorable Siamese mix kitten greeted us.

Shocked to see such a baby outside by herself. Beside the garage, we saw a plate. We picked the kitten up and she purred. Reluctantly, we parted ways with our new little acquaintance. She tried to follow. Not my cat, was my thoughts. Sadly, we shooed her back.

Two days later, we were in the area again. This time, the people were home. I mentioned her kitten was adorable. She informed us what had happened.

Someone had dropped 2 kittens off in the middle of the night. One was run over (may tried to get back to the car). Her son wanted to keep the remaining kitten, but couldn’t because he was allergic to cats.

They called the Humane Society. They picked up the dead kitten but refused to take the live one. So they put food out for it. If I had only known, the kitten would have gone home with us. Only hope was her personality got her a forever home. Birds of prey were near, making her an easy target.

Disposable surplus of life.

Can’t imagine what goes through the sadness in their eyes.

The reasons for abandonment are numerous. If only it was because the family had fallen on hard times. Requiring them to move where no pets are allowed. True, that’s possible, but not the only reason.

Unconditional Love from a Cat

Perplexed why anyone could raise a kitten and at 6 weeks old abandon it. No conscious, no empathy. The only beings that are not judgmental. They don’t care what others think; they have an unconditional love for their owners. But some owners never deserve the love.

I can make blunders, say stupid things, piss someone off, but cats still adore me. They are there to comfort me when I’m sad, ill, or in pain. They don’t care if I need to comb my hair, take a shower, or if I decide to hangout in my pjs all day.

As long as I feed them, they are happy. At this moment, I have one sitting behind me on the chair. I move forward so she has a place to hangout with me.

They give back more than you ever give to them. To make a point on this:

    •Who’s at the bedroom door to greet you in the morning?

    •Who prefers to hang out with you rather than play with a toy mouse?

    •Who greets you after work?

    •Who listens when you grumble after a grueling day?

    •Who will let you cry in frustration?

    •Who comforts you after your boss has left you wanting to scream? Huh, not the way your days go? But I’ve had several days in my working years.

The cats always rallied through thick and thin. Sometimes the only ones tolerable with my anxiety and frustrations.

They let me verbalize.

Zero judgements.

No advice. Just a silent listener.

They purred to soothe my fractured ego. They didn’t mind if I cried and buried my face in their fur. Cheaper than a therapist.

They make me laugh and smile. To face another day with renewed energy. Never a burden. And always keeping me sane.


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