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WePet Cat Litter Mat Review

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WePet Cat Litter Mat

The one litter box I don’t have a mat under, the litter is all over the place, even though they don’t use that box as much. The only reason there is no mat; the litter box is close to the front door. A mat would be more of a trip hazard than the annoying bits of litter scattered around the area. Sometimes you just have to deal with what causes the least amount of trouble. There already is a mat at the front door and the only time that door is used is when we go out to the street to pick up the mail. The rest of our coming to and from the home is done via the backdoor which is where the driving access to our house exists.

This WePet mat seems like a great way to recycle the litter back into the box as it is gathered through the deep honeycomb as the cat exits from the litter box. They have a number of different sizes and you would need to find what best suits the size of your area. Always consider if there is enough clearance if a door needs to be opened or closed near the litter box. And will the mat cause a tripping hazard in the area where you planned on putting it. With many sizes, it is best to be sure it is appropriate for the area.

I have a litter box that fits in a small area between the wall and the large room carpet. But I also have a door that has to swing open. There is room for the box but not for some huge mat to be under it. So please be sure to measure before you buy any mat. Nothing is worse than buying something that is too big for the area. I hate making returns and would rather be certain that my purchase is at least the right size for what I need.

WePet cat litter mat

WePet Litter Trapping Mat

• The mat shown above is Dark Turquoise – Length 35″ x Width 23″ x Height 0.5″ Inch

• Pocket envelope design opens on both ends as shown in the photos, easy litter dumping. Well-Engineered 12mm diameter 3D Convex Honeycomb Holes works by trapping and locking down the litter. The envelope design gives an easy access for recycling / cleaning purpose. The 3D Convex works like a brush. It gives a deeper clean on the furry paws, and traps much more litter than other brands. The Honeycomb shape is playful; a lot of kitties use it as a scratch pad.

• Brilliantly traps cat litter from cat paws and litter boxes with its fully tested double layered design. Stops cat litter from scattering and spreading. Traps both litter from cat’s paws and nails and litter that is kicked out of litter boxes. The double-layered system locks down the scattered litter. Simply recycle or dump the litter into your trash or litter box, and vacuum or brush it away! The mat is waterproof. Rinse it again and again for a ready-to-use, clean, and like-new mat. It’s that easy!

• Traps 90% of kitty litter or more with its water & urine resistant design that is soft on paws, easy to clean, and slip resistant. Unlike conventional kitty litter mats, this mat is designed with a non-absorbent leather edging to prevent urine leaks and reinforce water resistance. Waterproof material protects your floor from urine and odor. Slip resistant. The non-slip backing ensures the mat stays in the right place and keeps the mess under control.

• Super durable. Made from Premium EVA, a material that is non-toxic, 100% ECO friendly, and super easy to clean. Proudly BPA and Phthalate Free.

• Colors are: Light Grey, Grey, Black, Beige, Brown, Dark Turquoise. Various sizes to meet the size you need for your available space.

WePet cat litter mat

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