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TOLOPU Adjustable Raised Cat Food Bowl, Tilted Elevated Bowl (2-Pack, Black)

Pets do better with eating and drinking when their dishes are raised up off the floor. Better for their digestion and all around comfort for dining and drinking. Having had a blind cat that needed a consistent place to eat, one that didn’t move ever so slightly made it easier for her. When she also ended up with arthritis as she aged, made bending over more problematic. Having discovered the benefits, has passed from one cat to the next. Sorry, to the kids before that didn’t have the luxury of raised eating and drinking. Once you understand the benefits of health, it makes good sense to never abandon the elevated feeding station. Any kind of elevation is a plus, but nicer if you have something designed specially for that purpose.

There was a time I had a feeder with divided bowls. Gave that up as it seemed useless. What do you do with food that wasn’t finished and you needed to change the water? It became more trouble that what it was worth. And why keep separate bowls for pets. Good soap and water will clean any bowl. Hey, and if your guests cringe… too bad!


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TOLOPU Adjustable Raised Cat Food Bowl

• Adjustable Bowl Stand Design for your pet at any stage of life. The bowl can be tilted between 0 and 20 degrees with 2.4, 4, 6 inches height. This range makes it easier for the food to pass from mouth to stomach. Perfect for cats who have problems in bending and also in swallowing food. It’s also good for normal cats as it will further prevent them from getting any complications in their neck or back that might cause digestive issues later.

• Promotes Feeding Area Hygiene and Cleanliness. With the extra height, prevents cats from pushing around their bowls, also helps to prevent some dirt, fur, and dust particles from getting into your pet’s food and water.

• Wide Application for Love Bowl: Our bowl stand is perfect for bowls of various materials and curvatures. As your cat grows bigger and needs bigger bowl, the stand can grow with them by simply taking off the inner circle, switch the holding width from 5″ to 6″. Great for cats with large whiskers.

• Extremely High-Quality, Long-Lasting and Rust Resistant – Any bowls are easily removable. Stand parts can be rinsed and cleaned under the faucet.

• The Ergonomic stand is made of durable ABS material and the base of the stand features handy anti-slip feet. The brackets include an adjustable screw to keep the bowls firmly in place. The stands come in 3 colors. Black, brown or white. Being able to adjust the height and tilt while your cat grows is a plus. Or even the need to adjust it as your cat ages is nice. You can buy in one, two, or three stand packs. If your cats eat separately, the extra stand can be great. They may not want to share a bowl of food, where as sharing water might not be an issue.



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