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Things to Know Before You Ever Buy a Purebred Siamese Cat


blue point and chocolate point Siamese cats

Blue point (Lucy) on left, and Chocolate point Lily on right.


A Siamese is no ordinary feline.


CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) recognizes 4 colors.


Most people are familiar with the Seal Point. With dark brown pointed ears, tail, legs, face, and fawn to cream body.


The Chocolate Point has warm chocolate points and ivory coat. (link)


Lilac Point has frosty gray to pinkish colored points and glacial white body.


Blue Point has a bluish white coat with darker blue-gray points. (link)


Siamese have a deep vivid blue eye color.


What you might not know, Siamese are born white to off white. The first hint of color shows up around the outer edges of their ears. By 2 weeks, the color transformation will become more distinct on their feet, tail, ears, and face.


Having raised kittens, I find off white will either be Seal or Blue Point. The white coats were either Chocolate or Lilac Point.


As they mature, their face color will extend to the ears. Their coat color will darken in a few years. Making it harder to compete in shows against the younger cats. The judges prefer the sharp contrast in body color and points.


It isn’t just their exotic looks that make them special.


Siamese are smart. Many know how to fetch without ever being taught. They are quick learners and can be taught to fetch, shake-a-paw, sit, play dead, or rollover.


If I ask where their ball is, they will run to where they stuffed it under the fridge, dresser, or behind a closed door. I ask my little blue point if she is ‘in her spot’. She meows and goes flying up to her designated spot to get her snack.


Part of the family.


They can be persistent when they want your attention. Be prepared to give them five or ten minutes of undivided hugging, petting, and conversation.


They insist on sitting with me, even when typing. One on my lap, the other behind me on the chair. To say “NO” is met with great resistance. Give them their ‘people fix’ when they desire it, and they will be content to leave you alone for a while.


Low maintenance pets.


You never need to bathe them. Brushing isn’t necessary, although they may enjoy the experience. Their shorthair doesn’t require help from you, and they rarely get hairballs.

Chocolate point Siamese stretching out

Lily, chocolate point Siamese

They need stimulating challenges.


Siamese need cat toys, cat trees, and interactive challenges to be happy. Playing with them helps to burn up their mischievous energy. Think 2-year-olds and how many items you keep out of reach. They find trouble where none exists. I always wonder what’s next…  (link)


The magic of Siamese.


Don’t buy a Siamese if you prefer a cat that isn’t a challenge. If you want a cat that never outgrows the kitten stage. Then the Siamese breed is for you.


Talkative, intelligent, loyal. They will keep you laughing. Want more fun? Consider getting two.


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