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The Flying Squirrel & Little Tornado


chocolate and blue point siamese female cats on top of cat tree

Lily on left, Lucy on right.


Three weeks ago, we became a multi-cat family again. Last time we had 2 was January 2015. But no kittens since 1998.


Were we prepared? Not sure. We thought so. Are these 2 more of a challenge? Perhaps.


Cute helps. Lots of laughter is an antidote to pulling out your hair.


One was a handful. Didn’t think number 2 kitten could be too much trouble. Together, they are keeping us on our toes. More than we ever imagined.



Chocolate Point Siamese

chocolate point siamese kitten on 3 toned brown cat tree

Lily aka ‘The Flying Squirrel’


Lily aka, The Flying Squirrel’ is a jumper. She is not happy to be up on stuff 3 feet off the floor. Her goals are much more, lofty. The top of bookshelves or the high mantel over the fireplace. Not satisfied with the 6-foot cat tree to quench those desires of height.


She eyed the mantel from a bench and the pedestal nearby. It will have a vase on it later. Removed bench and pedestal until I have time to evaluate the situation. From the foot-high hearth, she stretches to see if a leap is possible. Contemplated the leap from the back of a nearby easy chair. Getting lots of no’s for now with hopes to curb her adventurous spirit.




Blue Point Siamese

Blue Point Siamese kitten in fuzzy cat bed

Lucy aka ‘The Little Tornado’


Lucy aka, ‘The Little Tornado’ is a whirlwind. She goes round and round in circles. Between legs, around Lily. Tripping hazard at feeding time. Size doesn’t stop her or slow her down. After the feeding ritual, I need a nap! Smallest of the litter has made her try harder. What she doesn’t realize she has no one to compete with, even Lily lets her rule.


Lucy is also a jumper. Sprang from the floor to the top of the stove. That maneuver had us worried. What if the burner was still hot? Moved their freeze-dried snacks they love to a cupboard. We think that desire of snacks caused her to leap.




Siamese Personalities

chocolate and blue point Siamese kittens on living room chair hanging out with stuffed brown bear

Lily, Lucy, and bear soaking up the morning sun.


They are worse than 2-year-olds, as they can leap to high heights in seconds. Nothing is safe unless it’s in a drawer or cupboard… that they can’t open. Siamese never grow up, so never count on a big change of behavior. Just not going to happen.


I have a room that holds boxes of crafts, artificial flowers, books, etc. The plan is to open it up for a litter box. First, I need to secure the contents. Trying to imagine every possible scenario with these kittens. We have open shelving and most everything is boxed. Searching for vulnerable areas. Don’t want them to get hurt or break items.


When the room opens, it will be Disneyland for cats. As much as I love to believe they won’t climb on the shelves, I know it’s just a fantasy.


Endless adventures they will have exploring the room. So many places to hide. I am sure they will magically appear at feeding time.


They love to eat. The breeder told me they are both good eaters… no kidding! BUT they will not eat dry kibble. When you are royalty, I guess you can be picky. Canned or cooked cat food is a winner. Even ground sirloin tartar. Lily loves cooked mushrooms, peas, shrimp, salmon from our dinner.


Very selective of what she eats. No onions, etc. so she doesn’t get to eat our meatloaf. Lucy remains confined during our meals. Not ready for the tornado to hit the table disrupting our dinner.


Our joke is we eat beans and pasta, so the cats can enjoy filet mignon.


blue point CFA registered Siamese female kitten sitting on living room chair with brown stuffed bear

Sleeping in the sun.


When you see them asleep and look at those innocent clown masks and long stockings, it’s hard to imagine they could be so rowdy. They bring such joy. Each precious little one is worth the chaos.







Lily's visit to the vet.

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