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August 2021

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The Chair Ballet



The 14 photo gallery of Lucy doing her “Chair Ballet”. This has become a ritual after lunch and dinner. With meows as I talk to her. So darn cute. It is all purrs and enjoying the rub downs along with the silly rolling around on the chair. Yup, sometimes she does fall off, but that never stops her from jumping up and doing it again.


If I walk away before this ritual, she meows loudly to get my attention. She will even jump on the top part of the chair to let me know I forgot something…




2 Responses to The Chair Ballet

  • Hi Mary..Your photo gallery of Lucy doing her “Chair Ballet” is so very priceless..I just realized I needed to click on your address at the bottom of your letter to reach this section…what a cute story…she is one smart kitty-kat..which of course every breed of Siamese is..having had Siamese since I was first married..They definitely are a very different sort of cat..and their history re guarding the Palace in Siam is so neat too! Thanks for this..will read the extra info later..take care..and thank Lucy for making my morning! You must have a very good camera..and being a good photographer too would help! Take care, have fun! 🙂

  • Thanks Donna, Most of the photos were taken by hubby. He has an iPhone, that takes good photos. I just crop them in Photoshop. When taken that time of the day, I don’t have to color balance them, so it makes it easier.

    Yay, she is a character, constantly making us laugh.She was the runt of the litter and for that reason she pushes her way around Lily. If you don’t get pushy, you don’t get to eat. But she has personality that is so sweet.

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