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The Cat Toy Destruction

July 2021


b;ue point Siamese cat destroyed a pink cat toy ball

Lucy and the end of the pink ball.

Saved many cat toys over the years. They received mild abuse, but most never used.


Then Lily joined us 8 months ago and Lucy 6 ½ months.


I dragged them out of boxes stored from our move 6 years ago. Our then 10-year-old Molly only played with a few. No point in having them scattered on the floor when she wasn’t interested.


Tailless Mice

Tossing them a few mice with no tails. I had pulled off the loose tails, or Lucy had devoured them.


Put them in a shallow container for Lily and Lucy, making it easy to pick out what might intrigue them.


I tossed a few to them, seeing what they might fancy. Providing them with interesting challenges as the table with 5 holes so they could reach in or under to retrieve.


The pink ball I offered to Lucy several times. She sniffed it, but never bothered with it. I tossed it back in the toy box to get it off the floor.


Then the voracious attack

The cats both finished eating.


As we ate dinner Lily begged for a bite, to no avail.


We got up from the dinner table and I looked towards the living room. There was pink everywhere. Lucy had a blast with the ball she once ignored.


The Little Tornado struck again…


Gasped and then laughed. “Lucy. What have you done?”



Cat toy ball and chocolate point Siamese looking at the destruction

Lily observing the destruction. I didn’t do it.

I don’t know where I got the cat ball from, maybe in a gift bag from a CFA show I entered. After all those years, one cat decided it was worth her attention. Only regret I didn’t get to witness the attack.


You can see by the photos how widespread the scattering of pink. I understood it being torn up and the remnants in one spot, but the huge area of destruction is baffling. Is that like a bird kill with feathers everywhere?

blue point Siamese cat and a destroyed cat toy pink ball

Lucy coming back to fess up to her handy work.


Never a dull moment.


Lucy has destroyed more cat toys compared to all the other cats and kittens combined from the previous 50 years.


My favorite line is “What’s next?”


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