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Benefits of Giving Lysine to Cats


chocolate point Siamese and blue point Siamese cats playing with cat toys

Lily’s 3rd Birthday and Lucy playing with toys

Lysine an Alternative


With a runny nose and one watery eye, the vet suggested Lucy take Lysine.

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Interesting, as I thought we were in for a round of antibiotics. A refreshing alternative. Advocate for vitamins and minerals as a decent cure for what ails you or a pet.


Much prefer a drugless solution. Drugs are not a natural substance found in our systems. I doubt anyone is ever lacking in aspirin. Yes, it helps. But if the cause of  ailments is a lack of a vitamin or a mineral, doesn’t it make more sense to fill the void?


Have always searched for the answers to ultimate health.

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Cat Diet Improved

November 2021
This short post is in reference to previous post.
This is just a quick summary of what has been implemented. My cats weigh 7 to 8 lbs each
♦ Raw ground sirloin 1 tbsp each.
♦ Cooked chicken thighs a few scoops on top of cat food. Substituted a raw chicken heart or chicken liver (about 1 or 2 tsp.)
Olive oil 1/2 tsp per day (AM)
Lysine 1/8 tsp per day, until improvement in both cats, then 1/8 tsp twice a week.
Taurine 1 scoop per day per cat. No side effects for giving too much. ( Of course a person needs to be realistic in the amount.)
Oratene Toothpaste Gel after each meal.
SeaMeal 1/8 tsp twice a day.
Bone meal seems to be about 1/8 tsp per 1 oz of food. Since I am adding cans, I probably only need 1/8 tsp per day per cat.
Note: Always consult your vet. This is only my experience for my cats. I am not a vet and can’t advise you how to feed your cats.
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