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Changing Cat Litters – Love This One

SmartCat Unscented clumping grass litter


Changing Cat Litters

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Thought I was hooked on one odor and dust free litter. But even after many years anything is possible.


There was clay available many years ago. It was heavy and dusty. And it really didn’t hide odor.


Breeder friends introduced me to corn cob litter. Not really advertised for cats. It referenced small animal litter. Referring to birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc. But a number of breeders used it for cat litter. I did go through a process of also using rabbit pellets and later a combination of the corn cob litter. Eventually deciding on only corn cob litter.


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How to Pick The Best Cat Litter

Indoor cats enjoying a happy life.Picking the Best Cat Litter

Some products on this page are affiliate links.

Today there are so many kinds of litters.


Prior to the mid-1940s, cats did their business outside. But the more domesticated they became, soon some were living indoors full time. Sand, dirt, paper, wood ashes became a part of the indoor lifestyle for a cat. Messy, tracked throughout the home, and not so great on hiding odor. In 1947 clay was used and named Kitty Litter.


The home resident cat has come a long ways. Happier caregivers found better solutions. I don’t think the cat has changed its preferences, but has adapted to whatever we stick in the litter box.


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