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SZZJKJ pet carrier bag review

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SZZJKJ Pet Carrier Bag

An 8 piece pet carrier set. One thing I find impressive with this carrier set is that there is a bed inside. Nice to have something with an edge instead of just a pad on the floor of the carrier. With so many extras it appears to be a contender for economical cat carriers.

SZZJKJ pet cat carrier review

Cat Carrier Airline Approved

Traveling today with pets has many hurdles, and the one thing you want to be sure of is if the airline approves your mode of transporting your cat. Would be devastating if you got to the airport and “Fluffy” can’t board. Of course you always want to check with the airline you will be traveling on, to see if they have changed the rules recently. This approval is only for under-seat. If you were to have your cat in the baggage compartment, it would have other regulations. Don’t just show up at the airport with cat in tow without making sure the cat has a boarding pass. I know they have limits on how many can fly on-board on each flight. Gone are the days of sneaking on the plane with a cat going to a cat show.


Cat Carrier Information:

• The removable shoulder strap easily adjusts for a comfortable fit.

• Double zippers.

• Folds for convenient storage.

• Side pocket.

• Cat harness.

• Sturdy hooks.

• The attached luggage sleeve makes it easy to loop the tote through your suitcase pull-up handle.

• The leash is used with the buckle inside the bag to prevent your cat from escaping.

• Foldable cat bowl suitable for all small to medium cats.

• Pet grooming brush simply push the button, with the bristles retracted, then slide the hair off, it just takes you mere seconds to remove all hair from the brush for next use.

• The medium carrier with 5 sides mesh windows for ventilation and for your cat to see out. The upper apex and two sided entries allow you to get your cat.

• Made of polyester, fleece, and nylon.

• This pet travel carrier fits small and medium pets. Size is 17.71″L x 10″W x 11″H (May fit cats up to 20lbs.)

    (Be sure to measure and weigh your pet before purchase.)

Tips: A new pet carrier may have a smell, please wash it or place it in an outdoor ventilated place for hours before first use.

SZZJKJ pet cat carrier review


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