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Sunhoo Raised Elevated Cat Food Stand

 When looking for a feeding stand there are many things to consider:

    • Is it the right size for your pet?

    • Are the bowls big enough?

    • Is the stand stable enough not to be easily kicked over or knocked over by your pets?

    • Will it fit the space you intend for it to be in?

    • Does it go with your decor?

    • Is the surface of the stand going to hold up to cleaning?

    • Are the bowls safe for your pets?

One interesting thing I read while researching feeding stations, is that the wrong size bowl for your pet can cause “whisker fatigue”. I have Siamese and they have long narrow snouts, this is therefore no issue to them. But if you have a larger flatter face cat, such as a Persian or Maine Coon the size of bowl could make a huge difference for how their whiskers extend. If the bowl is too narrow their whiskers would be touching the side of the bowl and if the bowl was deep it could interfere with their enjoyment of eating or drinking water. Very important things to consider.

The kind of bowl is also important. I had plastic bowls for years and 3 of my cats ended up with “chin acne”. Took a while to figure out what caused it and trashed the bowls when I found out. Then of course was the fun of treating the acne. With the acne comes loss of fur on the chin, besides the blackheads that have to be cleaned to eventually heal. Not sure why the plastic bowls cause problems, but apparently others have had issues with chin acne for using them. Since getting rid of those bowls I never had any cats with acne again.

Sunhoo food stand for cats, tilted and elevated

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Sunhoo Elevated Food Stand For Indoor Cats

ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR BETTER HEALTH: The ergonomic design of the raised cat food bowls can improve your cat’s health by providing more comfortable eating position. According to veterinary science, raised and tilted bowls can help prevent cervical and digestive disease.

FOOD-GRADE CERAMIC BOWLS: The cat food stand comes with three food-grade bowls perfect for serving your cat with dry food, wet food, and water, also suitable for multiple cats to eat together! Ceramic bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe, convenient for everyday use and cleaning. The food-grade ceramic bowls are thickened to be solid. The ceramic is safe and stain-resistant. They are also removable for easy clean-up! Diameter of the ceramic bowls: 4.7in/12cm , single bowl capacity: 200ml/6.76oz

DURABLE BAMBOO STAND: Made of natural bamboo, is sustainable, odorless. Treated with varnish, it’s also easy to clean. The bamboo cat bowl stand is colorfast, anti-deformation and free from odor. It is thick and durable, with a smooth surface that will not hurt your lovely pet.(NOTE: bamboo products should not be exposed to constant wetness, so please wipe it dry, if it gets wet!).

EASY TO INSTALL: You can definitely install the cat bowl set in 1 min! First, connect the bamboo board with metal legs by screwing. Second, stick the small anti-slip mats onto the bottom of legs (1 piece for each corner). Finally, put the bowls into the holes of the board.

Product Dimensions: ‎ 16.93 x 6.3 x 4.13 inches

Problems with ground level bowls:

  1. Strains neck
  2. Post-meal vomiting
  3. Uncomfortable for senior cats
  4. Post-meal vomiting, choking and digestive disorders

Benefits of raised & tilted bowls:

  1. Protects the neck
  2. Improves digestion
  3. Comfortable for all ages
  4. Improves digestion and reduce vomiting, choking

For a happier life for your pets!


Sunhoo food stand for cats, tilted and elevated

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