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SportPet Designs plastic kennels review

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SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels

You can take your cat on board a flight with lots of different carriers and put under the seat. Always obtain a boarding pass prior to flying or you can end up not getting on the flight. I know that pets on board are limited. Gone are the days you could just board to go to cat shows and smuggle your cat on in a covered carrier. Nothing has been the same in travel since 9/11. I was checking on some of the requirements for cargo shipping your pet.  It seems that metal screws and tie downs are necessary.  With a big animal you could never put it under the seat. I do understand the necessity for some people having to cargo ship their pet because of the size and also job relocation. There are no other choices.

This carrier seems to fit most airline requirements. BUT do check with the airline before making any purchase.

SportPet Designs plastic kennels review

Pet Carrier for SportPet Designs Information

Sometimes a soft-sided carrier is not the best solution for your travels. The one above being reviewed is the medium size. They have a small one that doesn’t have wheels. If your needs require a bigger carrier, they have: large, X large, XX large, and XXX large, which is 48 x 32 x 35″ .

• Convenient removable wheels slide on to make travel to, from and through airports a breeze. (No wheels included for small kennel.)

• Heavy-Duty Design, spacious, sturdy, easy to put together and airline friendly – it’s the one crate you need for home and travel.

• IATA airline approved. (Always check with your airline.)

• Tie down holes for bungees required by airlines.

• 2 dishes, 4 live animal stickers, metal bolts and nuts included.

• Use your pet’s length and height to choose the right size kennel before purchasing any carrier.

Note: Another thing to keep in minded, is how well does your pet take to being kenneled. This can cause so much anxiety for a pet if they never stayed in a carrier for any length of time and then to be put away from their family and subjected to real scary sounds on a flight. Just remember you can’t explain to them why.

SportPet Designs plastic kennels review


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