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SOOFPET Cat Water Fountain Review

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SOOFPET Cat Water Fountain

A great alternative to remembering to put down a clean bowl of water everyday. Filtered fresh running water for your cats. Some just love the running water from the tap. With the filter you don’t have to worry about stuff floating around in the water bowl. The circulation keeps it fresh. If you have a busy life this is one less thing you have to worry about. But, yes it still needs to be cleaned and the water level window lets you know it is time to refill.

The negative thing as someone mentioned, if the power goes out the water stops flowing and your cat will not be getting a drink. Always smart to have a back up water bowl for those unexpected times. If you live in a large city the power rarely goes off. Many things to consider.

My friend has a water fountain for their 3 cats. It is placed on a counter where the dogs can’t get at it. I’m sure the cats appreciate not having dogs drinking out of their water supply.

Is this the best kind of fountain? I think it is a good choice but you will have to evaluate your situation, as in power source, room to have it plugged in and how often does your power go out. If you live in a rural area and have solar with a back up generator that kicks in shortly after power goes out, then this would solve the power issue. Stainless steel seems like a safe material free from chemicals for better health. Easy to clean and with the filters it will make your water taste better and if it tastes better your cats will drink more often, keeping them healthier.

SOOFPET Cat Water Fountain

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Stainless Steel Water Fountain for Cats

Water Level Window and Stainless Steel: A transparent round window is designed on the stainless steel cat water fountain, you can view the water level of the cat water fountain without opening the cat fountain. The cat fountain is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant.

Faucet Shape – Attracts Cats: SOOFPET designers observed that cats like to drink water from under the faucet, so they designed this pet water fountain with a faucet shape. The live spring water flowing from under the faucet better attracts cats. Two drinking modes for your furry friend to choose from that mimic the flow of water from a faucet or a soft little fountain. Simply adjust the pet water dispenser to their preference. Your pet will love to drink water.

108oz/3.2L – Travel Worry-Free: Use the cat fountain so that you don’t need to refill water for your cat frequently. This cat fountain has a large capacity of 108oz to meet your cat’s water needs for 8 days. This will allow you to travel with peace of mind. (More than one cat, you will need more water for each.)

Four Layers of Filtration – Healthier: The water fountain for cats has a four-layer filtration system. It can filter impurities, remove odors, soften the water and improve the taste. This reduces the risk of gastrointestinal and urinary tract problems in cats. (It is best if you can change the carbon filter every 2-4 weeks)

Silent Water Pump & Convenient Separate Pedestal: The newly upgraded water pump is super quiet (≤30dB). Bring you and your cat a comfortable sleep. SOOFPET designers understand the importance of a separate base for the user. The independent base is convenient for you to disassemble the pet water dispenser faster, so cleaning it becomes easy.

Service – Solve The Problems You Encounter: SOOFPET provides a 2 year warranty for the water pump. If the water pump is broken, you can contact them for a replacement. (Note: In order to remove the toner, you need to soak the filter in water for 3-5 minutes when you use it for the first time.)

Product Dimensions: ‎ 10.31 x 4.69 x 7.4 inches; 1.72 Pounds

Uses only: 1 KWH per month.


SOOFPET Cat Water Fountain

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