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Seclato Cat Carrier review


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Seclato Cat Carrier

Today you have so many cat carriers to choose from it can make the task overwhelming. There was a time when only hard carriers were available.

The hard shell carriers gave a secure feeling your animal would be safe. May not be comfortable, but definitely not crushed. They were not always light in weight and also not very conforming to the mobility of packing. You had to try and keep the carrier straight so as not to toss the animal to either side or face forward into the door. A thick cat mat on the bottom and a high-sided bed inside made the passenger’s ride a bit more comfortable, no matter how awful one’s packing skills were.

Now you have a carrier that is more like the lightweight luggage we have all grown accustom to in recent years.

Seclato Cat Carrier Review table

Collapsible Soft Sided TSA Approved

Always check with the airlines to make sure you can travel with your pet before heading to the airport. I have read that they only allow a few animals to fly in the cabin during each flight.

Before purchasing any carrier make sure to measure and weigh your cat to see if they meet the recommendations for a comfortable fit.

This is a soft-sided carrier with 4 side new tear-resistant breathable mesh for better durability and air flow. Top window design, and equipped with escape proof safety tether.

Soft wool pad with built-in 3 layers is detachable, can quickly and effectively absorb water, outer wool pad can be machine washable.

Special designed carrier contains a foldable cat bowl, perfect for feeding cats on long trips. Retractable shoulder straps (with soft shoulder pads) can effectively relieve pressure on the shoulders when facing sideways.

A transparent side pocket for the bowl, ID card, snacks, etc.

Comes in pink, blue, purple, black, dark grey, grey, red (the red looks more like a deep rose in the photo).

The fabrics and parts all gained the ‘’OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100’’ certification, which means the products are non-smelly, mild, non-stimulating, and friendly to your pets.

Size of pet carrier: 17″(L) x 12″(W) x 11″(H) 

Weight: 2.03 lbs.

Recommended that the pet size you have are within 15.7in x 10.2in x 10.2in and weigh less than 15 lbs.

Seclato Cat Carrier Review table


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