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Review: Bissell Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner


Siamese cats enjoying the clean carpet

Siamese cats enjoying the clean carpet.

Bissell Products for Cleaning Floors, Carpets, and Furniture

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There comes a day you have to decide it’s retirement time for those antiquated relics. Those shoved away in a room. Only to be reminded how poorly they are functioning when dragged out to perform their duties.


Dragged out the old carpet cleaner. It ran but no water reached the carpet brush or the furniture hose. Refused to have it repaired.


Lesson learned from doing that many years ago. Yes, he got it running… but at the shop were sewing and embroidery machines. I ended up walking out with half the price of a car. Cheaper now to just replace the beast.


Bissell helps homeless pets


They support homeless pets and so buying their products makes sense. A big plus on funding they give. But they understand the messes pets make. Was a natural choice to find what they offer. And purchase the perfect product for my needs.


My old vacuum wasn’t picking up the cat litter. Even on the carpet, it was getting harder to push and not getting it clean. So it was time to toss the 20 year vacuum to the curb.


…enter my new cat scaring machine!


Bissell 2790 Series, Pet Hair Eraser – Turbo Wind


New Bissell vacuum is lightweight and easy to push. Many bells and whistles to figure out. A cord with a push of a button retracts. Awesome feature. Canister which lifts off and a push of a button empties it. Don’t make our mistake and push the button without putting it over the garbage can. It will fly open and leave you needing to vacuum up the mess. (Bissell Vacuum)


The next step, after assembling the vacuum, was to see how everything worked. Lots of cool features. The upholstery brush sucked up the cat hair on the dark brown love seat. Just like duct tape, without the effort. Crevice attachment even has a light. Love the headlights on the vacuum. Can see the dust bunnies leaping around in my hallway.


Now to do the serious cleaning. Moved furniture off the carpet and gave it a thorough vacuuming. Wow, full container and this was a 11 x 22 foot area. Showed me why I needed a new vacuum.


First, I ran the Bissell carpet cleaner with hot water only. Brown water in the tank. So I continued with another hot water cleaning. The third run was with heavy duty shampoo. I used the new shampooer before, but wasn’t removing enough dirt with my old vacuum.


The new combination of a powerful vacuum and a deep clean shampooer made a vast difference. The carpet has faded with the morning sun pouring in the single pane windows, but it looks and feels clean. Love my new combo Bissell products. (Bissell Carpet Cleaners)


Cat hair on love seat before vacuuming

Before vacuuming love seat.

cat hair removed after vacuuming love seat

After vacuuming love seat

stains on carpet before shampooing

Before shampooing carpet.

stains removed after shampooing carpet

After shampooing carpet.





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