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When you purchase Bissell products they give back to homeless pets. How terrific is that? They not only have great products, but they give back.

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Cat Food

Grilled Fancy Feast for cats reviewBlue Buffalo Indoor only canned cat food review<Fancy Feast Medley for cats review








With my indoor only cats and their finicky lifestyle they get pampered with these.  I cook chicken thighs and chop them up, freezing in small 2 day portions. Mixing the chicken with cans of cat food to make sure they are getting all the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Good quality cat food is a must if you want to spend less time at the vet in their mature years. Raw ground sirloin is part of their breakfast menu along with Solid Gold Seal Meal. You can read more on cat food here.

Vitamins for cats skin and coat











Seal Meal I give to the cats a 1/8 of a teaspoon for breakfast and dinner. It supports skin & coat, digestive and immune health. With 2 cats twice a day, I have calculated a one pound container should last about 6.5 months. Not a bad investment for their health compared to a few visits to the vet. Healthy cats are happy cats and that is the goal of this website and owning our furry little babies. You can read more on cat health products here.


Litter Boxes

Iris Oval Top Entry litter box review

This first litter box… well I got two of them, has worked out fine for my cat that insists on standing on her tip-toes to pee. They are jumpers and have no problem getting in or out of the box. I have left on the top as it seems to not be an issue for them. If I were to purchase another box, I think a wider box would be a better choice. This box was a solution for Lily, my stander. Don’t get rid of the cat, just find a solution to accommodate their quirks. We all have quirks that are annoying to others, but they don’t abandon us, so we shouldn’t abandon the little ones we bring into our homes. I left the lid off for the duration of Lily’s recovery. Put the lids back on recently and I get less litter when I do. Will take the lids off when Lucy has her surgery and recovery stage. Will also put back into use the front opening box until she can jump again. (June 9, 2021 is surgery date) If you find they are peeing in one end of the box, you can just turn the box around and attach the lid. Nice there is no set way it has to be attached. Easy snap on and off. I don’t use the scoop, as I already had a bigger one and a little container to put the poop and scoop in. But if my big scoop breaks, I have 2 backups. Note: Don’t be intimated by the Sea Foam Green for your home decor. The boxes do come in other colors. Just wanted a cheery color as opposed to the typical litter box choices of years ago. We all like color in our lives. Find something that fits in with your color scheme. More on cat boxes, read the reviews here.

Update: We now have 3 boxes. You can read more about the reason why, over here.


Litter we use

Kaytee Kay Kob Bird & Small Animal Natural Bedding & Litter

I like this litter, although it doesn’t say it is for cats. Breeders have been using it, so it must be approved by people in the know. Nice part about it is that it is very light weight compared to the clay. My thoughts are that what ever sticks to their feet, gets ingested. If clumping litter clumps when wet, then how much gets on the cat’s feet and then into their gut. Clay tracks all over the house and for those with allergies, don’t think it is so great; for cats or people. The corn cob has no residue and although ends up on the floor, it doesn’t cling to the cat’s feet. Yay, it hurts when you walk on it with bare feet, but not as bad as clay. Urine sinks to the bottom of the box and the odor remains at the bottom. If you have frantic diggers they will bring some wet to the top, but it just doesn’t stink up the house like clay does. Since the urine goes to the bottom quickly, it makes it more pleasant for the next user. Box is easier to clean than boxes with clay.



How we clean our cat’s teeth
Vetoquinol toothpaste for catsOratene for pets







Oratene toothpaste gel for cats. An enzymatic brushless oral care for cats. Apparently they like the taste. Not necessarily me putting my finger in their mouths. I had done one cat and put more gel on the plate for another cat. When I finally got the other cat to give her the dose, I came back to an empty plate! The first cat helped herself and cleaned the plate… not what I had in mind. Licking it doesn’t get it on the gums. Started a new brushing program since the teeth cleaning recently. Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste for Cats & Dogs. Will continue to use both. They are not thrilled about the tightly woven gauze applied to their teeth, but we shall see how it all works out and try to do it once a day. Unfortunately they are on to me and Lily will try a vanishing act if she is paying attention. Lucy doesn’t mind it, but tries to just stay ahead of my reach. Probably to let me know it is not her favorite thing. 



Rug Shampooer & Vacuum (Bissell)

There are many models from Bissell and with very little carpeting in the house I decided not to get a larger model. Very happy with the results after using it. They give back to homeless pets for every purchase made, which makes it a good reason to choose their product. Product Review.

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner: this model did a great job, you can read here.


DNA testing kit for cats: Want to learn more about your cat?



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