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Purina Tidy Cats Non Clumping Litter System, Easy Clean Multi Cat Box

If you want a box that cuts down on odor and maintenance, yet not the cost of the self-cleaning machines, this might be the answer.

A couple of things I like about this box. (Although with my Lily this wouldn’t be a box I could use.) The off center entrance is different and may give a little extra privacy for the occupant. It also uses non-clumping litter. Another asset is that the urine goes through the pellets into a holding tray at the bottom. I had a box like that once, it had a catch tray in the bottom and a little water with vinegar, I believe was suggested. Been many years ago. It was good, although very small. But then again I had a pee standing cat, so it really didn’t work out on the long term. Used corn cob litter in it, which the pee just went right out through the screen.

This box showing is their XL and they have a hooded one and a smaller original size.  System Starter Kit has Tidy Cats Breeze XL cat litter box, includes a scoop, four cat pads and two bags of unscented kitty litter pellets, providing plenty of supplies for a month of refills for one cat. 

It has a tray that a pad is placed on and you can just pull the tray out, replacing the soiled pad without touching urine. Nice not to have urine soaked litter at the bottom of the box. Sounds like with this system you can get away with using a lot less litter than with a standard box. I can see a great benefit for the working person that doesn’t want to have to wash litter boxes every 3 or 4 days. Also enjoying the odor free environment. Less embarrassing when you have company if they can’t smell the litter box.


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Purina Tidy Cat Starter System Kit

• Purina Tidy Cats Breeze XL cat litter box system includes a litter box with scoop, one pack of 4 cat pads and 2 bags of 3.5 lb. kitty litter pellets, giving your cat one month of refills

• Extra large litter boxes for big cats come in a larger size designed to give your cat a better experience and has high sides to help prevent tracking kitty litter and keep messes contained

• Anti-tracking cat litter pellets for Breeze system cut down on tracking around the cat litter box. Neat Floors.

• Solids stay on top for fast removal and urine is locked away in the super-absorbent kitty litter pads below, so there are no urine clumps to scoop. Absorb. Toss. Replace.

• Maintenance is easy. Each complete Breeze Litter System provides simple, fast, guaranteed odor control. Anti-tracking pellets repel urine and keep the box dry, keeping solids on top—no digging for “treasure”. Urine passes through the grated tray to the super absorbent pad below, where it’s locked away. The removable drawer allows for no-touch pad changes. Just replace the mess-minimizing pellets monthly, and the ammonia-locking pads weekly.

• Each pad stops ammonia odor guaranteed for 7 days, helping you maintain a clean, fresh-smelling home and keeping unpleasant odors at bay.

• Making the transition for this new litter box system easier. Purina wants you AND your cat to love the ease of Breeze! Each system comes with easy expert transition tips to help you both make the switch.

• Original  and Hooded Litter boxes and now the new XL.

• XL is nearly 2 times the size of the original system.

• Convenient refill bundle packs available which comes with litter pellets and litter box pads.

• Discover the ease of Breeze with the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze XL All-in-One Litter System. This extra-large cat litter box system is ideal for large cats, multiple cat households and cats who prefer extra room. Made with high sides that help to keep the contents within to minimize tracking, the Breeze XL Litter System makes your life easier, too.

• Each Breeze litter pad helps to keep the XL litter box dry for kitty comfort while controlling ammonia odor for seven days for one cat, helping you maintain a fresh-smelling home. After one week of use, just toss and replace the extra large kitty litter box pads. Tidy Cats Breeze XL cat litter box system includes a scoop, four cat pads and two bags of unscented kitty litter pellets, providing plenty of supplies for a month of refills for one cat.

• 99.9% dust free pellets.

• Allergen-Free

Directions to use Purina Tidy Cat Litter Box

1. With the drawer side facing you, place the grated tray on the base, ensuring the grate is directly above the drawer. NOTE: The system is built to funnel urine to the grate, so it’s important to align the grate above the drawer.

2. Place the sidewall on top of the base, with the opening facing you (it sits to the left of the drawer). Hang the scoop on the sidewall wherever you prefer.

3. Pull out the drawer, insert one cat pad (soft side up), and close.

4. Fill the top portion of the box with 7lbs of litter pellets (use both 3.5lb bags included).

5. Scoop out solid waste and dispose of daily. NOTE: Pellets do not clump and waste won’t be completely buried.

6. Add more pellets as needed. We recommend that you replace the pellets completely once a month.

7. Slide drawer out to check and replace pad. Drawer can be rotated to extend pad life.

8. Drawer can be pulled out completely to easily toss the used pad without touching it. Once empty, put a fresh pad into the drawer and re-insert into the base.

Purina Tidy cat litter box systemBuy today from Chewy

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