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Prutapet Large cat carrier review

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Prutapet Large Cat Carrier

When you need to take your cat for long distances in the car, you need larger accommodations than a small carrier. They require a place to stand up and perhaps use the litter box. In small carriers they have no choice but to sit in their waste. Cats don’t like to be any part of that discomfort. With small metal bar carriers they will claw to get out which can result in bleeding around their claws. And yes, I went through that once.

When I had to take a cat for any length of time, as when I moved from San Francisco area to the north 8 years ago, it was a five hour trip. She rode in a larger carrier and enjoyed the extra space. She talked most of the way, but it wasn’t a cry to get out of there. She might have used the litter box, can’t remember, but at least there was one available. Stopped at the rest area and gave her a snack. She never tried to escape. So size matters if you are going more than 2 hours from home.

Prutapet Large Cat Carrier Review
Carrier for Car Travel

This is not a carrier you will be able to put under the seat on an airline flight. And not one you could put in the baggage compartment on a flight.

When it comes to traveling in the car or a RV, this is ideal. It confines your pet without them feeling cramped. There is room for 2 medium size cats… but and this is a big but. Do they get along? Okay this is another lesson I learned the hard way.

I wasn’t traveling with my 2 cats that I had at the time. But we were getting carpet installed and since we needed all doors to the bedrooms open, I needed to confine them. Had a metal cage and there was plenty of room for both of them plus litter box, food, water, and a large cat bed. They had not been in there 5 minutes when all the litter and fur started flying everywhere, not too mention cat “ugly words”. Took one out and put in a small carrier and got another large carrier and put the other in until I could get the mess cleaned up. Then transferred the one in the small carrier into the cage. Now these 2 slept together, washed each other, and once in a while they had a disagreement. Never dreamed they would have a brawl. So don’t assume they will be in love sharing the space. But maybe in a different environment they might find being together is comforting.


The Carrier Details:

• Size is 24″ x 16.5″ x 16.5″

• Weighs 9 lbs

• Large enough for several cats and will hold up to 55 lbs

• The carrier is equipped with safety buckles which can be connected to the safety belt and fasten the carrier to the seat.

• It has a metallic frame for good support.

• Made of 600D oxford fabric, which is strong and durable. Comes in grey and blue.

• Three access areas for pets, mesh windows on all 4 sides for ventilation.

• The bottom of the carrier is upholstered with washable lamb fluff to keep the pet comfortable during the traveling.

• Has a collapsible litter box and collapsible bowl.

• Locking zippers

• Adjustable shoulder strap.


Prutapet Large Cat Carrier Review

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