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Pretty Litter Health Monitoring Cat Pet Litter Review

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Pretty Litter Health Monitoring Cat Pet Litter

Ah yes, we have seen this advertised on TV a lot. Is it as good as they say? According to some folks it is and to others a big no.

I think it serves a purpose if you have questions about your cat’s urinary health. Mixed reviews on how well it indicates the colors. Do we love the silica ingredient? That will be between you and your vet. I see the product having great value if you need to be checking on your cat’s urine, only because they are in and out of the box and you have no idea why.

They do mention not needing to change the box as often when using this litter. The higher cost would then justify using it. There are other products that also indicate urine colors. Not going to take the time to review them as it seems redundant when they each appear to do the same. There are also litter boxes that monitor a cat’s activity using the box and an app so you can identify each cat and how many times they have entered the box. Five times in one hour and you know you have a problem.

With the pretty litter you need to be able to see which cat peed and being present is the only way you are going to accomplish that task. There are stages in a cat’s life that seem appropriate for the need of monitoring their health. The urine can point to many issues and the pH factor is a method for more testing.


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Pretty Litter Health-Monitoring Cat Litter Information

• Lightweight crystals trap odor and eliminate moisture.

• Strong enough for single and multi-cat households.

• Changes color to indicate potential health issues.

• Low dust and low maintenance.

• Keep an eye on your cat’s health with PrettyLitter Cat Litter! Made with highly-absorbent crystals, this litter traps and eliminates odor without harmful perfumes. Its lightweight design makes it easy to scoop and pour—plus, the crystals absorb urine without clumping, so it is even easier to dispose of it. Plus, it is low-dust, so pet parents with respiratory issues can rest easy every time they pour. Additionally, the litter changes color when it detects health problems like urinary tract infections, bladder inflammation, urinary stones, or blood in the urine.

• PrettyLitter will help you monitor your cat’s health in detecting abnormalities in your cat’s urine by testing acidity and alkalinity levels and the visible presence of blood. PrettyLitter cannot detect every feline health issue or prevent or diagnose diseases. A diagnosis can only come from a licensed Veterinarian. Do not flush cat litter in toilets or dispose of it outdoors in gutters or storm drains.

• PrettyLitter is made of super absorbent silica-based gel which is non-toxic and not chemically reactive. It contains no crystalline silica and is household friendly. Silica gel crystals are extremely absorbent, more so than other litter types, so you need less litter to do the same job.

• Our long-lasting, non-clumping litter means lighter trash bags and less scooping. The super dry silica gels in PrettyLitter absorb the urine and odor, trapping it inside as the water in the urine evaporates out. Just scoop the poop!

• Each bag of PrettyLitter is designed to last two months for one medium sized cat in an average sized litter box. After you pour half your bag of PrettyLitter into your litter box, you should check to make sure you are getting the proper 2″ of depth. If you aren’t getting the proper depth, you may need more litter or a smaller litter box in order to achieve maximum odor control. After a month, discard the saturated litter and refresh the litter box with a new 2” pour.

• Unlike the other litters who rely only on perfume to cover the smell of your cat’s business, this litter absorbs the scent to quickly whisk it away before you even have the chance to scoop. With PrettyLitter, there are no finicky clumps for you to dig and scrape out of the litter box.

• PrettyLitter is made of super absorbent Silica Gel, combined with a proprietary health indicating formula to help you monitor your cat’s urine for acidity and alkalinity levels outside the average range, plus the visible presence of blood. Silica gel, or Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS) is a form of silica that has been widely used in topical and oral medicines, food and cosmetics for decades.

• Silica Gel litter is made from naturally occurring minerals, so PrettyLitter is safe for your cat and friendly for the whole household. PrettyLitter is manufactured in one of the world’s largest and most trusted kitty litter plants sourcing its own silica micro-gels using carefully selected mineral sources.

• The litter reacts to the pH of your cat’s urine and can show potential health issues. When urine comes in contact with the litter, it can turn orange, green, blue, or if there is noticeable blood present in the urine you will see red on the white litter. Dark green or blue means your cat’s urine is high in alkaline indicating possible: increased risk of struvite stone formation in the bladder, certain species of bacteria of feline urinary tract infection (bacteria that causes the infection can increase urine pH). Yellow to orange means that your cat’s urine is acidic indicating possible: kidney disease or kidney tubular acidosis, metabolic acidosis, UTI, calcium oxalate crystal formation. Red shows the presence of blood indicating possible: bladder inflammation, bladder stones, UTI, bladder cancer, renal pathology (renal hematuria).

Typical: Dark yellow to olive green indicates urine within the typical range.

Acidity: Orange may indicate metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis.

Alkalinity: Blue may indicate certain types of urinary tract infections or increased risk of stone formation.

Blood: Red may indicate bladder crystals, feline lower urinary tract disorder, or certain types of kidney disease.

• PrettyLitter was invented to give cat parents peace of mind by letting them keep daily tabs on their cat’s health. Their goal is to take some of the stress out of cat parenting, so you can focus on what matters most – living a long and happy life together. Both you and your cat will love this advanced, odor-controlling litter!

• This litter is safe for use with cats of all ages. PrettyLitter uses naturally occurring minerals that are safe for cats, even when they breathe or ingest it. Of course, ingesting a lot of any type of litter is not great, so keep an eye on your cat if they love to munch on litter.


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