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Plush Gavenia Cat Bed Review

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Plush Gavenia Round Cat Bed Review

Do you want a comfortable, warm, and soft bed for your small pets? Imagine your little cat or larger cat snuggled up in this bed, with dreams of things only cats dream about.

Cats need beds, just like we do. Since cats sleep or rest an enormous amount each 24 hours, they really do need to be comfortable and happy. They provide joy for the whole family so it is only right to show your appreciation by giving them a fine place to rest until their next adventure.

Considering their short lives and compared to most people their life expectancy is limited. There are a few cats that live longer than 20 years and how we wished they would live even longer. I had only one that lived to 3 months shy of 19 years.

They can sleep on your furniture, but it is nicer for them if they have a few places to lounge around that is specifically their own. Try different types and styles of beds. Just like I don’t like sitting in the same chair, so I’m sure they would like different surfaces to rest on and others to actually sleep in.

Plush Gavenia Round Cat Bed

Self-Warming and Calming Bed for Pets

• This round design pet’s cat and dog bed is soft, comfortable, warm, and breathable. Making their nap time more enjoyable.

•  Made with PP cotton filling to help lock in temperature to keep your pet warm and cozy on any cold night. Plush exterior for comfort.

• This pet bed is water and dirt-resistant with a non-slip bottom which keeps pet bed in place for worry-free placement on tile and hardwood floors in the home/living room .

• The bed is very easy to clean. No zippers to fuss with, just throw whole bed in the machine and choose gentle cycle. (Do not bleach.) To prevent matting, dry the bed in the DRYER on low heat after washing.To make the hair more fluffy,you can also use a hair dryer after washing.

• When choosing your pet’s bed, they suggest this 20×20” bed is suitable for dogs and cats up to 15lbs.

• The pet bed will be compressed during transportation. Just pat before use.

• Comes in various sizes to suit your needs. This one we are reviewing is the small size.

• They offer a choice of colors as follows: White, Beige Brown, Brown, Coffee, Dark Grey, Grey, Light Pink, Rainbow, and Rose Red.

• With all these colors it would be easy to match any décor in your home.

Plush Gavenia Round Cat Bed


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