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Photo of the Month

May 2024

Lucy a blue point Siamese cat on the office floor

Lucy chilling out on the office floor.


April 2024

chocolate and blue point Siamese in a cat tree.

Lily and Lucy sharing the hammock.


March 2024

chocolate point Siamese in a hammock in cat tree

Lily enjoying her new cat tree.


February 2024

blue point siamese cat looking up

Lucy hoping to get a treat.


January 2024

Blue point Siamese cat on kitchen counter

Lucy being her silly self


December 2023

Blue point and chocolate point Siamese cats

Lucy and Lily together


November 2023

Lucy the cuddling cat

Lucy the cuddling cat.


October 2023

blue and chocolate point Siamese cats enjoying the morning sun

Lazy morning camp out


September 2023

Chocolate Point Siamese cat with pumpkins and scarecrow in living room

Lily looking elegant with fall decor


August 2023

Chocolate Point Siamese cat

Lily enjoying an afternoon in August


July 2023

Blue point Siamese cat sitting on the arm of a sofa

Lucy hanging out with the family.


June 2023

blue point and chocolate point Siamese sitting in an office chair

Lucy and Lily sleeping on the job…


May 2023

chocolate and blue point Siamese cats in kitchen

Lily and Lucy sitting on a kitchen chair.


April 2023

Blue point Siamese cat on carpeted bookshelf

Lucy hanging out on the carpeted bookshelf.


March 2023

blue point and chocolate point Siamese cats

Lucy trying to catch morning rays, with Lily interrupting.


February 2023

chocolate point Siamese on pedestal, blue point Siamese watching

Lily on pedestal and Lucy watching


January 2023

Siamese blue point cat on chair with a stuffed bear taking a nap

Lucy and Bear on a lazy January morning.


December 2022

Lily in a Christmas scarf

Christmas Album


November 2022

Chocolate point Siamese napping on a cat toy.

Taking a nap when needed.


October 2022

Siamese cats with hand-crafted braided flannel cat bed

Lucy in her new braided cat bed.


September 2022

chocolate point Siamese cat sitting by a cat tunnel

Lily, “Are you watching me?”


August 2022

blue point and chocolate point Siamese on the sofa together

Just hanging out together, keeping an eye on the family.


July 2022

Chocolate point Siamese cat looking over plant

Lily peeking over plant.


June 2022

Blue Point Siamese cat

Lucy with her signature wet-tipped tail. Feeling good when it is wet. LOL


May 2022

blue point siamese cat laying on the sofa in the morning

Lucy enjoying a morning nap.


April 2022

siamese cats in cat bed enjoying the sun

Lucy and Lily enjoying the morning sun.


March 2022

Lily with the perfect tail expression


February 2022

Lucy enjoying her afternoon in comfort


January 2022

chocolate point Siamese in the living room on a mat in the morning sun

Lily enjoying the morning sun


December 2021

Siamese cats at Christmas

Morning sun in December


November 2021

chocolate point Siamese cat in the sunshine

Lily enjoying the morning sun


October 2021

Chocolate point Siamese purebred cat

Portrait of Lily in Autumn


September 2021

Siamese cats playing in the living room in the sun

Lucy’s birthday fun


August 2021

Blue Point Siamese kitten waiting to be petted on the back of kitchen chair

Lucy trying to get attention.

The Chair Ballet


July 2021

blue point Siamese kitten female with a pink fuzzy ball destroyed on living room floor

Lucy and the end of the pink ball.


June 2021

Chocolate and blue point female Siamese cats taking a nap on carpeted book shelf in home office

Prepping for an evening of fun


May 2021

Siamese chocolate point female in living room

Lily Chocolate Point Siamese


April 2021

chocolate and blue point Siamese cats after a wild night lounging in the morning sun in the living room

Morning sunshine after a wild party.


March 2021

chocolate and blue point Siamesecats playing in tissue paper on the living room floor

  Lily turns 1 year old 3-1-2021


February 2021

chocolate and blue point siamese cats on the top of the cat tree in the living room

    Lily on left, Lucy on right. 2-2021


January 2021

Blue Point Siamese kitten in yellow cat bed

    Lucy 1-2021


December 2020

Chocolate Point Siamese kitten on living room floor

   Lily 12-2020

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