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PetNova Cat Litter Catcher Mat Review

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PetNova Cat Litter Catching Mat

Stepping on cat litter is not fun and having it yards away from the litter box can be a pain or even a bit embarrassing if you have company often.

You come home from a long day at work and there is litter everywhere, well at least it seems like it. You know your cat needs a litter box or two, or heaven forbids even more. (I have 3 boxes.) But the task of cleaning up after them can’t wait until the weekend. Bad enough you have to scoop the litter box, but sweeping the floor or dragging out the vacuum every evening is a bit much. Then the guilt feelings creep up and you wonder why you even decided to get a cat, with all the ugly chores that come along with being owned by that loving bundle of fur. Then you hear that purr and know your commitment was forever. Hard to resist that deep love a cat has for you when you return home. They make the worst day at work a little easier to get over. There is a lot of therapy in a purr!

Ah, the litter box comes with the territory in owning a cat. The alternative is have an outdoor only cat. Don’t think your neighbors would like your cat digging in their flower beds. And we all know outdoor cats life span is shorter due to all the dangers that lurk outside. So you keep your little one indoors and put on your happy face and scoop the box. Do you clean the floor today or can you postpone it for another day?

A good litter mat that captures most of the litter that went astray may just hold it for a few days and keep it at least close to the box. Maybe it can wait until the weekend when you clean the litter box. It doesn’t matter so much what litter mat to use, having one will cut down on what gets scattered. But having one that might do the best job for you will improve the situation. We all want less cleaning in the end. Find a mat that suits your needs. And it isn’t just size. Choose one that is easiest for you to manage, only you will know what might work best for your precious little paws around the home. Be sure to measure the area you have to place a mat and one that won’t cause a tripping hazard.


Easy Clean Durable PetNova Litter Mat Catcher

• Comes in two sizes: XL Large 31X24 and Small 24×15

• Comes in two colors: black or grey.

• This innovative upgraded arch design cat litter mat is easier to catch all cat litters. Compared to the double layer honeycomb design, it is softer, thinner and more convenient to clean. Simply pick up this litter mat, and gently shake it, then the litter falls instantly into the litter box.

• With the mat’s raised edges, you do not need to worry about liquid leaking to the floor, such as cat urine or vomit. And the litter mat is non-absorbent, so the liquid will not penetrate the floor.

• Washable and so easy to clean. You only need to completely clean up this litter mat every 7 days. Rinse with a shower or hose, and wipe off the water on the surface with a cloth. This kitty litter mat is not absorbent, you can continue to use it immediately after air dry for few minutes.

• The PetNova cat litter mat is made of soft and comfortable EVA material, which is good to sensitive cat paws. It is safe and odorless.

• Premium durable litter trapping mat is suitable for various types of litter. Can be used under litter boxes, self cleaning litter boxes, and even as a pet feeding mat.

• No fear of stubborn stains as it rinses off with water.

• BPA free.

• NOTE: When you receive the cat litter pad, put a heavy object on it, and it will reshape and get flat after 24 hours.


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