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Petfamily Cat Litter Box, Large Jumbo Hooded with Transparent Lid

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Petfamily Cat Litter Box, Large Jumbo Hooded Box with Transparent Lid

Covered boxes can be a good thing and some cats are happy with the privacy. Owners are happy to have the unsightly messes covered. Cat messes come with the territory of having a cat.

Of course some messes are a real problem. Such as soiling outside the box. Then there are those who stand on their tippy-toes to pee. Not so bad if they get in the box and turnaround facing out. Lily wasn’t like that, she would jump in with urgency and start peeing. When her butt was facing out, the surrounding floor got wet. A huge problem, eventually resulting in getting Iris boxes.

Now if all you are trying to do is get your cat from flinging cat litter everywhere, these boxes solve that problem. Some have had no problems with spraying standers and others found the pee seeps into the folding joints.

Cats seem to like the transparent top. It gives them the privacy and also the security of what is going on around them. Cats don’t like to be ambushed by, dogs, kids, or other cats. This lid prevents any surprise visits.

Other comment is the difficulty with putting the parts together. There are 4 components to assemble and the side clamps seem to be awkward. It is a large litter box, perfect for big cats that need more room. If this box meets your specific issues then it might be the one to own.


Large Jumbo Hooded Litter Box with Transparent Hood

• Large cat litter box ideal for multiple cat households. Two average sized cats could sit in the kitty litter box at the same time.

• Dimensions: 21.6 x 17.8 x 17.3 inches

• Plastic for easy cleaning.

• This cat litter box is stackable to save space. You can store it when not in use, as when traveling by car.

• One box for two purposes: flip hood and bottom base both can serve as a litter pan for cats from kitten to adulthood. Ideal for new kittens.

• Removable clear top cover. High back and lid reduces spillover. Your cats won’t feel closed in or like they could be ambushed while using the litter box.

• Space Capsule design leaves large room for cats to turn around in it and prevent litter scatter. This helps to keep less mess in your home. 

• Easy entry is user friendly for older cats and makes your scooping job easier.

• Allergen Info: Abalone Free

• Removable lid for easy cleaning.

• Built with strong and durable material to withstand continuous use.

• No gate for convenient access for cats.

• Colors available are: Grey, Navy Blue, and Teal.



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