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Oratene Review

Oratene for pets

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Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel Review

Ever tried to brush your cat’s teeth? Especially those with a small narrow mouth opening, like a Siamese or Oriental Shorthair. Not a lot of fun.


Some may even wonder why bother. Animals in the wild have gone without ever stopping to brush after ever meal. All kidding aside. I think they did well as they ate raw food they caught. But today we have pampered pets that eat lots of prepared food. Over the years of being domesticated their genetic makeup has transformed leaving them vulnerable to tartar build-up on their pearly whites.


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Each cat seems to be very different. My first cat had zero problems with his teeth. The next 3 had tartar build-up. I was able to scrape it off as it never affect their gums. They were never thrilled about the procedure, but never fought me on the procedure. They had wider mouths and since their gums were never inflamed the process was quite simple.


I had one other cat (Maggie) that had some of the best chompers around. Never any tartar, even though she ate the same food as the other cats.


You never can predict which cat will succumb to periodontal disease and which will escape it altogether. Then there was Molly whose teeth just fell out. She never had any issues due to this problem.


Periodontal Disease in Cats


Lily and Lucy (my 2 recent resident cats) are prone to red gums and tartar. Lily had to have some teeth removed. This became an issue I couldn’t solve.


After a cleaning and necessary teeth removed it seemed we needed to be more aggressive for their dental health.


Trying to brush sore inflamed gums is not an option. Plus you have a very unhappy cat that will hide when you attempt such torture.


The Oratene Gel is easily rubbed on their gums with a finger. Lucy doesn’t mind me doing this and she will sit while I massage her gums. Lily has to be tricked into the process. This does make it difficult to be one step ahead of their anticipations. Must admit, it doesn’t get done everyday. Siamese are just too smart to fall for a routine they are happy to skip.


The company has many products for teeth health. I did purchase the Oral Gel for Lily when she needed relief from periodontal disease, gingivitis, and inflamed gums.


Oratene Toothpaste, Gel, Spray, and Water Additive


They have an Oratene breath freshener which you can spray in their mouth. Hmmm… maybe fine for dogs, but not so sure cats would go for the invasion. There is also a water additive. Not sure if that is cost effective. What if they didn’t drink it all? Do you then throw it out, as you need to give them fresh water daily. Never tried either of the last 2 products, so can’t really give an objective opinion other than I would rather put my money into something they would actually benefit from.


Oratene toothpaste gel for catsBuy today from Chewy


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