Office Help



Computer cats

Unwanted computer help


Nice to have cats close by… but they can be more help than needed.


Walked across my keyboard. Sap and what happened? I am left with a letter at the top of my page. Said a quick prayer and hoped my back arrow returned the 700+ words I just finished. Breathing a sigh of relief and returning the culprit to the floor. “Scoot, don’t need your help if this is what you are going to do.”


Half my time spent in front of the keyboard is juggling one or both cats on my lap or behind me on the chair. If they just stay in one spot, it makes my endeavors much easier.



Lounging Spot Designed for Cats


Cats napping in the office

Ideal computer help

There is a nice carpeted area on top of the bookshelf, made especially for their enjoyment. Time spent on the carpet amounts to a fraction of walking across my desk or on my lap.


The up and down reminds me of a 2-year-old wanting attention. Becomes annoying. With cats, it’s annoyingly cute. A few times I send them packing, closing the door swiftly behind them.


But they make me laugh, even when I am annoyed at the intrusion. When computer entries are serious, I escort them out of the room. If only they shared the love with hubby and bother him, but I’m their ultimate victim.


The Yo-Yo effect; put them down and up they jump. This goes on until one of us decides the process is insane. You can guess who wins.


Inspiring or Not


Suanese cat in office

Lily helping with office work.

Inspiring me to find a different task in another room.

Siamese kitten in the office

Lucy managing the computer cords.


Choices are laughing it off, let them have their way, usher them from the room, or with luck they leave. The other choice is shadow boxing through the curtain on the window. Lily decided tangling from the table to the window trying to attack Lucy was a great idea. Grabbed her by the belly, lifting her from the precarious position. One more swipe at Lucy could have landed her on the floor.



Siamese cats playing in the window

Shadow boxing in the window.

Later she comes back in the room trying to pull herself up via the curtain laying on the windowsill. Again grabbing her to avoid a fall or pulling curtain and rod to the floor by her acrobats. Don’t know what drives Lily with the desire to conquer things she shouldn’t try. (Reference post.) Both cats are challenging, but Lily is the worst.


Got to give it to them though, they are inspiring for a writer. Lots of laughs. Never a dull moment around here.

Siamese cats playing in curtain

Lily attacking Lucy in the window.



Siamese cats in office

Ideal place for cats to hangout in the office.











Lily's visit to the vet.


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