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CHOWSING Tofu Clumping Review

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Nourse CHOWSING Tofu Flushable Cat Litter

Tofu… always thought that was just for food. Apparently Chowsing has made it into cat litter. Not only that, but into flushable litter. (Personally a better use of tofu.) Sorry, don’t mean to offend anyone that loves tofu. I’ve tried it and even attempt many dishes with it, plus bought a cookbook with the hopes to make it a part of my life. Failed.

Never thought tofu would make it to the litter aisle, but it seems a number of manufacturers have got on to this new sustainable cat litter. They say it has a scent of milk, well that makes sense. Since it is a milk replacement and has many qualities you would use with milk products.

Some using the litter say it’s the best, others say the worst. Whether they liked it or not, it seems they felt it to have a dough like substance when wet. Disposing the clumps in the toilet has advantages if you live in a condo or apartment where outdoor washing facilities for litter boxes is a big issue. Or even dumping the litter can be a problem if you have to pack it out to the dumpster.

Tofu litter is made from soybean pulp. The pulp is a byproduct of making soy milk. The manufacturers would have thrown out this pulp. The great thing, is that it is food-grade, non-toxic, and a great alternative to clay. It is safe for your cat to ingest. Which is always a concern when you have young kittens, as they are always testing new adventures with chewing on whatever lies in their path. Although you hope they don’t make a meal out of the litter in the box, at least you know it won’t be harmful.

Low tracking because pellets are larger, which means less sticking to cat paws.

Low dust due to high quality pea fiber. Contains no silica dust which is responsible for respiratory irritations.

Environmentally friendly tofu litter is biodegradable in the landfill.

The one negative is it needs to be stored properly. Be sure to keep it dry and scoop the litter box often. As damp litter is susceptible to mold.

Nourse CHOWSING tofu flushable cat litter

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Nourse CHOWSING Tofu Flushable Clumping Cat Litter Information

• Clumping cat litter is made by bean dregs, the by products of making tofu. The cat litter pellets is unbeatable as an odor control. It can quickly absorb moisture and form a mass for easy handling of soiled cat litter.

• Natural biodegradable cat litter. Easily soluble in water and degradable in water, eliminating the trouble of handling cat litter. It can be flushed into the toilet or used as a garden fertilizer.

• 6 lbs of tofu cat litter can satisfy a kitten for half a month or even longer.

• Dust-free cat litter. Which means the less chance to be allergic than with other cat litters.

• Is a low tracking cat litter. Non-tracking granules for less mess so you and your cat can breathe easy. And because it doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws, it won’t be tracked throughout your house.

• Smell is activated carbon cat litter.

• Vacuum packaging with compressed air, just open and wait for a few seconds.

• Shelf life is 365 days.

Nourse CHOWSING tofu flushable cat litter

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