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No Longer a Kitten

September 2021

Siamese blue point cat sliding into tissue paper on living room carpet

Lucy sliding into tissue paper.


Hard to believe Lucy celebrated her first birthday on 9-17-2021. We brought her home exactly 8 months ago. Two-thirds of her short life, has been with us. Sad when they start to get bigger and not a cute little bundle of fur as when you bring them home. We all know baby animals are so adorably cute, hard to resist. She was such a tiny little kitten, just a handful. Home coming.

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And if you’re familiar with Siamese, you know they never quite grow up. Now she is still a handful of mischief. Do love every minute of it… well maybe not  sometimes as you can read below. But keeping them healthy and inspired with fun things to do, they can bring you hours of laughter and joy.


She has graced our home with laughter and love. A happy, comical cat, and also mischievous.


Benefits of Artificial Flowers

The night before her B-day she jumped at my tall vase of artificial flowers on the hearth. She toppled the whole thing to the floor. See… glad it is artificial, as there was no water in it. Ceramic vase didn’t break. I had seen her intentions before it happened. The few warnings of “No, Lucy” went on deaf ears (they are big ears, so no excuse… she just tuned me out.)


It crashed to the floor and she was off and gone before I could get across the room to assess the damage. She disappeared, surely knowing she messed up. Later I rescued her from the mat by the back door. I guess she figured it was better to stay out of sight for a while.


No Paper Airplanes

Promised Lucy, prior to her birthday, there would be no paper airplanes or tin foil. We had made a couple of paper airplanes for Lily’s birthday… she was not impressed (in my defense, I used to have a cat that loved them). Lucy was scared of them, so no point in making any. And tin foil, she is terrified of the stuff. Makes it so much easier when I want to keep her from trying to assist me on the kitchen counter.


We give them 2 nuggets of Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-dried Raw Food at night (hence: the so called “cat cookiesproduct). Say those words at 7:55 PM and you have two frantic excited cats running into the kitchen for their little bowls of broken up nuggets. So for the birthday treat I surprised them with a bowl each before the fun began. Yay, we had an afternoon birthday celebration for them.


After they were done munching on their cat cookies and before they started exploding around the house (typical after their evening snack). I got 3 new pieces of tissue paper.


They had a rip-roaring good time, sliding on the paper and hiding under it. With bursts of extensive running at breakneck speed from kitchen, living room and down the hall. A few rounds around the sofas ending with a slide into the tissue. Lots of laughter and just keeping out of their way for a half hour of fun.


Exhausted, they needed to take a nap until dinner time. Which they usually start circling about 4:45, if not sooner. They are right there on my tail, if I start dinner earlier. Can’t sneak in and not be detected. Not much gets past them, with their radar ears.


Lots of photos for this post. Click on any picture to see in gallery.


  Do you celebrate your cat’s birthday?





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