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Modkat XL Litter Box, Top or Front-Entry Review

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Modkat XL Cat Litter Box, Top or Front-Entry

The perfect box for the large cat or a cat that isn’t crazy about small spaces. Plenty of privacy. Having the ability to change entry into the box can be an asset if you are not sure which suits your cat. One of my cats needs a top entry only due to her jumping in and peeing. If she didn’t turn around there was pee on the floor. So reluctantly I gave up my nice large converted bin for one previous standing sprayer. The previous one was always good about turning around so her head was facing the opening.

As in each new cat, there was always new challenges. “One size fits all” doesn’t apply to cat boxes. And each little bundle of joy is different. Each with their own personality. Easier to find what works for them, than to try and get them to conform to your wishes. Besides, cats have a mind of their own and will only cooperate if it fits into their likes.

As for this box I see good points and some that I’m not sure of. For one it is big, which if you have a large cat this is a plus. It has liners to be used in the box. I can see advantage for that, but although they last a while, the replacement can add up, but it might be much easier to dump the contents using the liners than to take the box out and wash it outside. And what is your circumstances for availability to wash a big box. With condo or apartment living, I could see this box is probably a better alternative.

Modkat XL Cat Litter Box Table

The Large Cat Litter Box for Big Cats

• The Modkat XL is perfect for larger cats and multi-cat households. You can configure it as a top or front-entry solution, making it a versatile litter box.

• The top-entry configuration will keep your floors practically pebble free! It doesn’t matter how vigorously your cats dig or where they aim, the mess will stay inside the box. The lid also doubles as a walk-off mat, catching any stray kernels.

• For kittens, senior cats, or cats who prefer a more traditional entrance, try the front-entry solution. The large entryway makes it easy for kitties of all sizes to get in and out, and the walk-off platform locks the liner in place and helps reduce litter scatter and tracking.

• Swivel lid for easy cleaning. The 3-position lid swivels open for easy scooping. Any stray litter left on the lid falls back inside, and the lid lifts straight off, providing full access for thorough cleaning.

• Reusable liner. All Modkat litter boxes work with our perfect-fit reusable liners. Our liners are constructed from durable tarpaulin, so they are smooth, scratch resistant, easy to clean, and last up to 3 months. Just wash, rinse and repeat!

• Liners never fall down. The XL Liners hang on hooks at each corner to ensure they stay put, and make it a snap to empty and clean.

• Product Dimensions: ‎ 17.32 x 21.26 x 16.54 inches; 9.48 Pounds

Modkat XL Cat Litter Box Table


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