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L-Lysine Review

L-Lysine for cat health

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Lysine supplement for cats

My cat Lucy had a runny nose and sneezes. I thought for sure she would be given anti-biotics. This condition had been progressing for a while and the sneezes were no longer clear.

Surprisingly my veterinarian suggested I start giving her Lysine.

Relieved it wasn’t going to be drugs and armed with hopes of solving this problem for the long term was promising. I’m all for the alternative natural treatments when possible.

What is Lysine?

Lysine  is an essential amino acid needed for cat health. It helps support the immune system, bones, eyes, skin, and other body functions. This is why it helped Lucy with her runny eye and sneezes. It also helped Lily with her gut-wrenching cough. It is important to work with your vet when supplementing their intake.

Lots of controversy on the subject of supplementing. But it helped both my cats. I would rather not be constantly giving them drugs for any flair up and coupled with the stress of taking them to the vet often to control symptoms.

My suggestion is to talk with your vet before implementing any supplements. It may be fine for your pet, but when you are not sure of what is going on with your cat, you could be wrong on what is best for them. I wish I had known about it back in 1987, it might have been what might cat Samantha needed at the time. It could have saved her life.



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L-Lysine Powder by NOW


• IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT FOR CATS: NOW Pets L-Lysine Powder helps support a healthy immune system, normal respiratory health, and also helps to maintain ocular health. Give to your cat during or after mealtime. For cats up to 5  3/4lbs = 1/16 teaspoon twice weekly and cats over 6 lbs = 1/8 teaspoon twice weekly. (dosage on the bottle)

• VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: NOW Pets L-Lysine Powder is recommended by renowned veterinarian Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA, founder of the Royal Treatment Veterinary Center.

• NASC CERTIFIED: NOW Pets has been certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), an organization that protects and enhances the integrity of the animal health product industry by promoting the well-being of non-human food chain animals that are given animal health supplements by their owners.

• NOW Pets premium pet supplements are formulated and manufactured with the same attention to quality and detail NOW puts into their supplements intended for humans, from the sourcing of top-quality ingredients to finished product testing.

• Packaged in the USA by a family owned and operated company since 1968.


L-Lysine supplement product tableBuy today from Chewy


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