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Lily’s Birthday Bash



Lily turned a year old on March 1, 2021. She arrived at our house 3 months ago. How quickly the time flies.


Hard to believe we went 7 months without a cat to grace our home. Now we have 2 wild fun loving cats.


I gave kittens tissue paper to play with years ago. They loved it, and even the adult cats got silly after seeing the kittens running through the paper.


The paper is lightweight and after torn and wrinkled; it flutters when they fly past it.


Love the way they plow in the piles. Similar to dogs and kids in a pile of raked leaves. Got a couple hundred sheets. It should last them for a while. Will keep building the tissue paper pile. Will throw away the little scraps. 2 pieces turned into 6 and I had 3 more little pieces this morning. At some point I will throw it away. Then bring it back again later.


The Little Tornado still buzzes around in a frenzy until I have her meal prepared. They eat in separate rooms. Lily eats until her food is gone. But Lucy gobbles as fast as she can. Lucy leaves what she is eating and sticks her head under Lily to eat from her bowl. So until this kid calms down, they will be eating in different rooms. Being the littlest of her litter has made her fight to survive. Now it is not necessary.


Lily is a good big sister to Lucy. She lets Lucy push in front of her and is very gentle with her.



Lily's visit to the vet.

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