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Lily the Chocolate Point


Siamese chocolate point female kitten sitting on owner's lap in the living room

Lily – Siamese chocolate point

A day that forever will change our lives.


The coming and goings of cats in my live has been bittersweet. A new chapter opens as each becomes part of our household. We never know what to expect. With personalities so different from the last.


Have committed through thick and thin as my heart and home opens for a new set of four-legged creatures.


Several months with absence of joy that cats bring set me on a mission to fill the void. But this time get 2, so we won’t be cat-less again.


I made a promise to my last cat, Molly. With too much unhappiness in her previous environment, she could be an only cat when Maggie passed on, if she liked the new royal position she had in our lives. She thrived on her new status.


Seven months later we traveled 3 hours to acquire a lovely 9-month chocolate point Siamese.


Siamese Attributes:


A breed of choice, having lived with them for 40 years. They are smart, witty, and talkative.


Siamese interact with their owners and crave lots of attention. Playtime is important, even past the kitten stage.


Enter as I fondly call her “my sweet little chocolate bunny.”


Lily wasn’t happy about the trip to her new home or thrilled with her new surroundings. After the initial shock of new people and weird sounds (aka: bouncing wool dryer balls).


Boarded up her unusual hiding places (under the freezer and behind the water heater). With no places to hide and devotion to making her transition easier, she soon warmed up to her new forever home.


A good eater, the lady said. Within 2 days, yep, no kidding. She had a voracious appetite. Cleaned the bowl and looking for more. On the subsequent visit, was told unnecessary to feed them 5 times a day. Good eater or not, she was fine to go without eating for six hours. Of course… not according to Lily.


The reference to chocolate bunny, other than her color is a snack I have made to indulge my love of chocolate. The tin-foiled covered Easter chocolate marshmallow rabbits.


In a measuring cup put small marshmallows and layer with chocolate chips. Making 3 layers of each and stopping at 3/4 cup full. Microwave for 30 seconds on high. Stir combing the ingredients. Relax, watch TV or listen to music and savor each spoonful. Happy place for me.  Not the best snack, but so yummy.


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