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Lepet Elevated Raised pet feeder stand for cats
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Lepet Elevated Raised Pet Feeder Solid Bamboo Stand Perfect for Cats

When buying or making a feeding stand for your cat, it is important to have their comfort in mind. Is it at the right height? I have small cats weighing in at around 7 or 8 lbs. They are Siamese, with most having lean bodies with long legs, but still small comparison to a Maine Coon which can be 20 lbs or more.

At the time of Maggie needing a feeding stand we measured where the bowl needed to be for her to eat and drink in comfort. Since the bowls sat above the opening and didn’t fit all the way down into the openings created it was decided that the sides should be a certain amount of inches off the floor. We wanted to be able to pull the bowls out with very little effort, so left plenty of grab room to accomplish that task.

So upon deciding how high the feeder should be will depend on the bowls you use and how far the bottom of the bowl will be in relation to the cat using it. The feeder stands seem to come with bowls. Some are ceramic and other stainless steel. I use Corelle bowls in my feeder. Plastic bowls can cause chin acne for cats. I abandoned my plastic bowls years ago after discovering that they maybe causing that condition. Never had chin acne with any of my cats since, so I suppose that it was a contributing factor. They eat out of the bowls we use on a daily basis. I don’t see a need to have separate bowls for pets, everything is washed in soap and water.

This Lepet is a beautifully designed feeding stand for cats. Would be lovely to have in any kitchen or room that you might feed your cat. Made of bamboo for easy cleaning.

Lepet Elevated Raised Pet Feeder

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LePet Feeder Stand for Your Furry Family

Why your pets need an elevated pet bowl?

    • Promotes digestion and protect your pets from having back pain & neck pain caused by bending down as low to reach their dish.

    • Your pet won’t be able to knock these bowls over and make a big mess.

    • LePet Raised pet bowls would be perfect for small & medium dogs and cats while is especially recommended for:

                      • Elderly pets

                      • Pets with arthritis

                      • Whisker sensitive pets

                      • Naughty pets who sometimes inadvertently stepped into his food dish or knock over it.

    • Made from natural bamboo prized for its waterproof qualities.

    • Easy to hold with polished handles at either side.

    • Beautiful cat sculpture and paw design, which would be a perfect decoration for your home.

    • Easy to get the bowl out by ear shape construction.


Four models from LePet:

Raised cat bowls: 2 stainless steel bowls, 3.2”, removable legs.

Raised cat bowls: 2 stainless steel bowls and 2 ceramic bowls, 3.6”, adorable cat sculpture.

Tilted raised cat bowls: 2 stainless steel bowls and 2 ceramic bowls, 4.3 to 5.3”, cat sculpture.

Tilted adjustable dog bowls: 4 stainless steel bowls, 4 – 7- 10-inch, adjustable height for all dogs.


Lepet Elevated Raised Pet Feeder

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