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Kitty City Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture Review

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Kitty City Claw Indoor and Outdoor Mega Kit Cat Furniture

This is a lightweight catio. Each cat enclosure has unique qualities and this one is to be considered to be more of a temporary, rather than a long term catio that you would leave out year round.

It has great possibilities for use as when you take your cats in the RV. They can be outside and safe when you travel. It can also be on your deck or in the grass. Can quickly be brought in the house overnight or use as an indoor catio. It does have stakes for outside security, like you would with a tent. Of course the netting is not as strong as the wire in large wooden catios. But a great substitute to put outside on nice days or inside when confining cats for short terms.

Like a playpen for cats and maybe a great alternative if you are visiting someone with your cats. There would be no concern of them getting lose or underfoot. Making your visit much more enjoyable with less worries. They would still be able to get some exercise and not be confined to a typical traveling carrier, which is not very adequate for more than a day.

You can add many tunnels and kennels to the Mega Kit. Whatever you can dream up and even getting a second Mega Kit and connect tunnels to join together. Cats love tunnels and just getting a few tunnels together can bring hours of fun for the cats and laughter for the family.

If you are renting a house, apartment, or live in a condo this might be the best solution. When not in use it can be collapsed and stored away for future use. Less than 12 lbs. The tunnels take up very little room when collapsed. Great for moving or relocating somewhere with your cats. Better for them to see what you are doing rather than locking them away in a room.

A good alternative if you house kittens on a volunteer basis to help them be good pets and see them through for a few months until homes can be found. Bringing a new pet in the home is another good reason to have a temporary catio.

Kitty City Claw Mega Kit cat furniture

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Kitty City Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture

FRESH AIR FUN: Fully-enclosed playset is made of a nylon mesh – let’s in fresh air and gives you a good view of your pets at play whether it’s indoors or out! And the mesh is durable too, enough to withstand energetic play and the occasional claw climb.

SPOTS TO HIDE AND SNOOZE: Included cubby cubes are rearrangeable inside the structure, giving you plenty of ways to keep your cats engaged by mixing it up over time. Each is a perfect spot to curl up and get away from the action.

GREAT FOR MULTI-CAT HOMES: Have more than one cat at home? No problem at all! Kitty City mesh playsets offer plenty of room for several pets to run, hide and chase. It’s a relatively small footprint in your home for all the energy it will help them burn.

EASY ENTRANCE: A zip door at the side makes it easy for you to get into the Mega Kit. Cat lock zipper cannot be opened from the inside.

ENDLESSLY EXPANDABLE: Want to create a complete cat fortress? Use tunnels to zip this piece together with other Kitty City mesh playsets to make an endless number of ways to keep playtime fresh for your cat.

Product Dimensions: 47.25″L x 33″W x 46.75″H

Note: Other equipment to use with the Mega Kit are a Play Kennel, Two-Way Play Tunnel, Three-Way Play Tunnel.


Kitty City Claw Mega Kit cat furniture

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