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Kamang Holographic Pet Glass Bowl Feeder

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Kamang Holographic Glass Bowl Feeder for Cats

Pet feeder stands are helpful for aging cats and it does help with digestion. Great to have their water elevated so it doesn’t get knocked over. Very convenient for cats to consume the water they need less likely to throw up, if they don’t have to bend way over to drink.

You can make your own feeder if you have the woodworking equipment to do so. But for most people it isn’t possible. After having a feeder, mainly for my blind cat at the time, has turned into a much prized possession for containing the water bowl for my two new cats. They don’t do dry food unless it is mixed with wet cat food, so to leave them kibble out is pointless.

The Kamang Holographic feeder is a new look and style of futuristic cat feeders. If you have a modern kitchen it would fit in nice with the decor. Definitely makes a statement in a new age style. Impressive, but practical. With glass bowls, you know your cat is getting a healthy bowl to drink water from and eating out of a glass bowl will give you assurance of safety.

Kamang Elevated Pet

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Kamang Elevated Pet Feeder Stand for Cats and Small Dogs

Designed for Digestion

The elevated stand provides an enjoyable dining experience to your beloved pet while reducing neck strain and promoting digestion. Tilted angle for easy feeding.

Aurora-themed Design

Holographic design reflected in versatile aurora-like color. Handmade with craftsmanship. Definitely designed for the modern look. A delight for any kitchen decor. Who knew pet feeding stands could be a center-piece to a conversation! HOLOGRAPHIC ACRYLIC: Acrylic pet feeder made of premium holographic acrylic in aesthetic style perfectly blends into your modern interior. Rainbow acrylic pet feeder stand can also be cleaned with running water, easy to care and clean. Holographic style reflected in versatile aurora-like color, taking light transmission in different angles.

15° Slanted Angle

Slanted angle provides the most comfortable position at a 15-degree, so that your cat get a cozier and healthier eating posture. This would also be good for small dogs. Nice to have a feeding station for each pet, unless this is for the free-feeding method for all day snacks.

Giftable Package Box

Carefully packaged in a giftable box to prevent damage while shipping. Designed package makes it a great gift for dog/cat owners. PACKAGE: Kamang elevated pet stand comes with 2 tempered glass bowls, and an exclusive microfiber wipe to erase stains and fingerprints! Each bowls and feeder stand is carefully packaged in a designed box to prevent the damage while shipping. Designed package makes it a great gift for dog/cat owners. All your beloved pets need to expect is enjoyable mealtime without mess!

Tempered Glass Bowls

Food grade hygienic glass bowls are easy to keep clean. Can be used with microwave and dishwasher for convenient maintenance. They also offer additional glass bowls. Great idea when you want to load the dishwasher before running it once a day. Wide rim of the glass bowls are securely locked into the elevated pet feeder stand without moving during the mealtime. Food grade hygienic glass bowls.

Anti-slip Bottom Stand

Securely holds the feeding bowls. Nothing will drive a pet away from eating if they don’t feel their feeding station is not secure. ANTI-SLIP BOTTOM: Anti-slip rubbers on the bottom of the pet feeder stand securely hold the feeding bowls without moving from the floor, while keeping it quiet while pets are eating or drinking. Elevated pet feeder stand with non-slip bottom is a durable pet feeding accessory in elevated tilted design for your beloved dog and cat.

Holds Enough Food & Water

The shallow and wide bowls hold more food, water with less spill (400ml/13OZ in full load). It holds enough for your pet’s daily needs.

Height of stand

Feeder height is 5-7inch (slanted angle), most suitable for SMALL-sized breed.


Kamang Elevated Pet

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