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Iris Oval Top Entry Cat Litter Box Review

Iris Oval Top Entry litter box review

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Iris Oval Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Am now the proud owner of 3 of these boxes. Two cats, three boxes. This became a necessity that I hoped wasn’t necessary, but alas, it was! You can read more about how this all came about here. But more importantly the top entry box was a must. I used a box, well it was actually a bin. It worked just fine for some of my sharp shooter stand up cats. They would get in the box, turn around a few times. face out and would pee on the back.


All was great, until Lily came to live with us in December 2020. The breeder told me she uses top entry litter boxes for all cats and kittens as she had a few standers over the years. So I decided why not try some high-sided storage boxes. They were wide open with lots of room and reasonable priced. Picked them up at Lowe’s. Everything was working fine, until one day when Lucy was watching Lily pee and then went over to stiff out the edge of the box. Lily had grown a little taller and with the litter in the bottom, she hit the top holes in the box when she was against the back edge. So now I have two storage bins that are no longer litter boxes!


Lucy had been using a high-sided box by the time I picked her up at 4 months old. Being little didn’t affect her ability to pop in and out of the box. I have been using these boxes for 2 years and they look just as good as the day they arrived. I don’t use the scooper, only because I already have a longer handled one. Scooper looks sturdy enough, but a longer handle would have made me switch.


So I read a comment of one cat getting it’s paw stuck in one of the larger holes. I think it is sort of like how that one kid is always finding trouble without really trying. A broken arm, stepping on a rusty nail, falling off a swing, yet most other kids can be quite successful making it to adulthood with normal mishaps.


Some cats have been able to not raise too much of a ruckus in the litter box and were able to keep the litter confined, with a bit of litter in the top tray. Well mine still do toss litter out. I guess getting it between their toes and leaping quickly out. I do have a bit of a mess, but it is better than a short box.

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The Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box Information

• Made in USA with global materials.

• The IRIS USA top entry kitty litter tray offers a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to your cat’s bathroom needs.

• With the top entry kitty litter box, everything stays inside and out of sight, and the enclosed design lessens the prevalence of unpleasant odors in the room.

• The top entry of the cat litter pan means more privacy for your cat, less litter spillage, and any spraying remains contained within the tall walls of the kitty litter box. It also functions to keep other pets, such as dogs, out of your cat’s business, making for a stress-free environment for everyone.

• The little holes in the lid catch any lingering litter particles on your cat’s paws.

• The included scoop features a hook, allowing you to hang it from the side of the kitty litter pan to store it between cleanings and have it within reach whenever it’s needed.

• Outside dimensions: 20.5″L x 14.75″W x 14.38″H

• Entry: 9.25″ Diameter

• Inside dimensions (bottom): 17″L x 11.5″W

• Color of this box is White/Seafoam

• Allergen-Free

• Hang the lid while scooping.

• Comes in a variety of colors and styles: Oval – Seafoam, Oval – Black, Oval – Gray, Oval – White, Square – Black, Square – Gray, Square – White

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