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Gutinneen Catio Review

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Gutinneen Catio Outdoor Walk-in Enclosure

Give your cats the experience of outdoors without the perils of outdoor life. If your lifestyle allows the luxury of an outdoor living space for your cat then this is the way to go. Having a space that you can freely walk around in makes lots of sense. How about a sunny afternoon with a cool breeze, spending time outside with your cats. With an herbal tea, a good book, and the outdoor smells of freshly mowed grass or the whiff of roses nearby, with 1/2″ wiring maybe the bugs will find it harder to disturb the peace of a lazy day. Plenty of room for a chair.

A cover for the sun and it is waterproof, so if it rains you can still enjoy the outdoors with your cats. Nothing smells quite like the air after it rains. Now you don’t have to feel guilty when your cats glare at you from the sliding glass door as you are enjoying time on your patio.

When I had a sliding glass door and would open it up the cats would all line-up sniffing the air through the screen. I have a picture of 5 of them all lined up, juggling for space to sniff the air.

Gutinneen Catio table

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Gutinneen Outdoor Catio Enclosure for Cats

Well-Designed Cat Catio

    • 56.54ft²

    • Cat catio includes: 2 bridges, 2 resting houses, 7 platforms

    • This house provides large activity playing space for 15-20 cats.

    • Dimensions are: 110.2”(L) x 73.9”(W) x 73.7”(H).

Walk-In Cat House

    • Oversized convenient front door at 60″ with safety latch allows you to access the cat enclosure for daily clean,and play with your cats.


    • The cat house is designed with 2 small access doors to attach to your house or cat tunnel, so your cats can move freely from indoors to outdoors.

Waterproof Cover

    • Unique upgraded EXTRA waterproof cover cat run keeps the wind and rain away.

Sturdy & Safety

    • Wooden cat playpen made of solid fir wood frame, durable and sturdy with metal wire (wire opening:1/2″x1/2″) keeps your cat secure inside.


Gutinneen Catio table

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