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Gowoodhut Outdoor Catio Enclosures - Wooden Cat House Weatherproof with Multi Platforms & Lounge Boxes, Indoor Interoperability

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Gowoodhut Outdoor Catio with Multi Platforms & Lounge Boxes

A nice catio that can also be used inside the home. Great for helping new kittens or adult cats to adjust to their new home. It is also suggested that it is a safe place for cats to eat and keep dogs out of their food and litter boxes. This would be ideal for anyone with dogs and cats.

Dogs and cats can get along in the home together, but if cats have to compete with dogs for food and water it can be frustrating. Cut the anxiety by giving them their own space. Maybe even the art of resting away from the dogs. With their own escape, each pet can watch on their own terms. When they are willing to interact, they can join the family. I don’t have dogs, but I can see at many times they can cause stress to cats that are not eager to bounce of the walls like an energetic dog.

I have read about people having issues with their dog messing with the litter box. You don’t need a cat to be so stressed out of being reluctant to use the litter box due to the dog having his/her nose in the box when a cat is trying to have some privacy. Just think of how you might feel if you were bombarded with someone barging in on you when you used the bathroom. Cats are usually fastidious about cleanliness and this is just another way to make them not use the box. Finding elsewhere such as your bed is not ideal, but to avoid being harassed it would like inviting to the cat.

When I first got the two cats I have now, they did an excellent job of doing a disappearing act. Trying to find hidden cats can be a task that will have you laying on the floor hunting under every conceivable place. Lily hid under the freezer twice before we figured out how to block the access. Then she hid behind the hot water heater. Didn’t have a catio and if I had she could have had a safe place to adjust until she took a visual of her new surroundings, helping her to be calm before investigating her new home. Surprisingly only the last 3 of all the cats I have had in my home were scared of their new surroundings. They varied in age from 4 months to 2.5 years. You just never know how each cat will react to a new home.

Gowoodhut Outdoor Catio

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Gowoodhut Catio Enclosure for Your Cats Safety

Plenty of Places to Jump: The specially designed EXTRA middle platform and 7 side shelves allow cats to easily jump from left to right (while others cannot), giving your furry friends more space to climb and play.

Spacious: The cat enclosure features a spacious front door at a height of 67″ with a safety latch, making it convenient for adult humans to access and interact with their feline companions. It also makes cleaning a breeze!

Cozy Haven: Inside the fully enclosed catio, you’ll find two cozy sleeping houses that provide super soft and warm lounging spots. Your cats will have a luxurious napping experience like never before!

Weatherproof: The waterproof asphalt roof ensures that your pets are protected from the sun and rain, and you won’t have to worry about any leaks. The cat playpen is made of strong metal wire, ensuring your cats can safely enjoy the outdoors.

Easy Assembly: To make the cat cage even more durable, it is reinforced with wooden corner strips. Plus, setting it up is a breeze with the pre-drilled screw holes and numbered parts!

Expandable: If you’re feeling handy and adventurous, why not buy two catios and combine them? You can expand from left and right, or even create an L shape. The possibilities are endless, offering unlimited fun for you and your feline companions to discover together!

Product Dimensions: 38″D x 71″W x 71″H


Gowoodhut Outdoor Catio

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