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GF Mango Wood with Stainless Steel Bowls Feeder Stand

Why have a feeding stand for your cats? For years I put bowls at floor level for my cats. Well why not, it shouldn’t be a problem. As in the wild they would eat at ground level. But we have domesticated our cats for better or for worse, they now have more issues. Probably because they get to live longer. A controlled environment and along with that comes all the ailments of old age. Much like people. The older they get, the days of youth soon pass.


Arthritis, eyesight, digestion, and you name it. Just like when we were 20 something. We could burn the candle at both ends and still keep on going after a few hours of sleep. But as the years turn into decades, we just don’t have the stamina or digestion we once had in our youth. So, goes our pets, they just don’t have the energy and health of a young kitten.


I watched as my cats got older, the ones that were lucky enough to live a long life did have health issues. One had arthritis and lost most of her hearing. The hearing loss wasn’t so bad as I could vacuum her long fur, she loved it. But the arthritis made it difficult for her to jump up and down. Bending over seemed to take more effort.


Another also suffered from arthritis, which was much more severe. Her ability to jump or bend over to eat became difficult. But before the arthritis that gave her mobility issues, she became blind. Blindness made it extremely important not to have any changes. She could no longer jump on to dining chairs or counters. Even jumping on to the sofa was met with a few missed attempts. (Blindness in a cat.)


Food, water, and litter box needed to be in the exact same place. Tired of kicking the water bowl and spilling it on the floor, there had to be some changes. We measured the ideal height for Maggie to eat and drink. Then created a stand to hold the bowls. With the convenient size and the bowls neatly contained we were able to put her food and water in the living room, right beside a doorway and out of the way from stumbling over it. Litter box was only 5 feet away in another room. Her life became less frustrating and dangerous. Never moved any furniture during the rest of her days.


So our little feed stand became a part of cat rearing. It is convenient and out of the way. One cat drinks from the floor, the other jumps on the stand to drink water. You could make a stand if you have the tools, but the other alternative is to purchase one. If you do get a stand, make sure that it is sturdy and the proper height for your pets. Dogs would also appreciate this luxury. And if it helps with digestion then it is big plus for health issues.



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GF Feeder Stand and Bowls

    • Handcrafted in India, so each exotic feeder is one-of-a-kind.

    • Removable, stainless-steel bowls are dishwasher-safe, so they’re easy to keep clean.

    • Made from durable mango wood with an elevated metal base.

    • Features an authentic burned GF Pet logo paw design.

    • Perfect for cats and dogs.

    • No assembly required.

Small = 2 bowls holding 10-oz each, opening is 4.5 inches in diameter. 4 inches high.

Medium = 2 bowls at 24-oz each, opening is 6 inches. 4.75 inches high.

Large = 2 bowls at 48-oz each, opening is 7.5 inches. 5.125 inches high.


Final Thoughts:

Dogs and cats can benefit from an elevated feeding station. After finding the necessity of one for my elderly cats, I’m a firm believer in providing this advantage to a better feeding experience. Whether you buy one or make one there are a few things to consider. One make sure it is a comfortable height. Not too tall for your pet and that it is steady. If your pet has a bad experience with a wobbly feeding station, they maybe reluctant to use it. It should always be a positive experience. Also make sure it is in an area where they can enjoy privacy away from a high traffic area. You could be like me. For now, I just use my feeding station for water. I feed my cats separately in different rooms. They eat better without disruption from each other. You have to figure out the best harmony when you have more than one pet.



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