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Gavenia Hooded cat Cave Review

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Gavenia Hooded Plush Cat Cave Bed

Is this the right bed for your pet?

My question to you would be. Does your cat ever play and sleep in paper bags? Or are they terrified of the confined space. I had a cat that loved the paper bags. He would jump in them and many times destroy them. Sometimes even fell asleep in one. He loved the hooded beds, not all the time but he had no problem with using them. There was one other cat that used one of the hooded beds. But only after she became an only cat. So was her desire to use one, the fact that she would never have a surprise attack from her roommate cat?

Lily and Lucy had the opportunity for the past 2 years to use either hooded bed. Put one of the cats in and out they would pop. Finally washed the two beds and gave them to a pet rescue center.

The above bed can still be used by collapsing it. Then it wouldn’t be a waste of money to purchase if your cat didn’t like the hood. Cats are not always predictable and you think you wasted your money again. But one never knows. I bought a cat toy once and it took about 9 months before she ever played with it. Once she started playing with it, she carried it everywhere. I have no idea how many times I repaired it. You can’t replace what finally smells right to them or your back at square one!


Gavenia hooded round cat bed review

Cave Bed for Your Cat or Small Pet

• The appearance of calming cat beds is similar to the donut beds. Cushioned, cozy and excellent value for money.

• The half cave design with non-collapsed plush ceiling is more suitable for pets who like to nest in corners and increase their sense of security.

• Cat pillow is surrounded by cushioned walls. It has extra head and neck support. Cats can settle deep in the snug crevices. Great for pets that like to burrow.

• Round pet beds allow pets to be curled up, while raised edges create a sense of security, providing head and neck support.

• High-quality durable oxford backing can resist dirt and water, which will help to keep floors clean.

• The bottom designed with anti-skid sticky beads will keep pet bed in place, preventing from moving and shifting on tile or hardwood floors.

• Comfortable and luxurious the nest your pet dreams of! Self-warming is reminiscent of their mother’s fur. Comforting for pets with anxiety.

• Provide your animals with the ultimate cozy and warm space to improve their sleep.

• The pet bed is very easy to clean. No zippers to fuss with, just throw the whole bed in the machine and choose a gentle cycle. (Do not bleach.) To prevent matting, dry the bed in the DRYER on low heat after washing.

• This is a 20 inch bed for pets up to 15lbs.

Gavenia hooded round cat bed review


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