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furrybaby bed mat review

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furrybaby Bed Mat for Cats

Over the years I’ve found that cats seem to seek out things to lay on, even if it isn’t for them. But still they do like a mat or bed designed especially for their enjoyment. I can lay a cat mat on the floor and Lily gets on it. She also likes to kick at it with all 4 feet when she is in a mischievous mood. Nice to know that the mat can withstand a little cat abuse from time to time.

Having a few mats around is a good idea. I like to keep my 2 small carriers equipped with a mat and small clean bed inside. Hard enough to round up the cats to haul them off to the vet if there is an emergency, the last thing I want to do is hunt down bedding to put in the carrier to make their trip at least comfortable.

furrybaby cat bed cat mat for cats or small animals

Crate Mat with Anti-Slip Bottom

If you have a hard plastic carrier, a mat in the bottom is a better alternative than a towel. The mat will stay in one place, making the occupant much more comfortable for the journey, even if it is only to the vet’s office.

  • This lightweight crate mat is approximately 22″x13″x 1″ (L x W x T), works great as bed for cat or other small pets, fits 22″ crate.
  • Small animal sleeping mat is slip resistance and very comfortable, made of super soft plush fleece, shed resistant and long lasting.
  • Soft pad for pets who need joint support.
  • The 3cm inner material can soothe pressure. Its thick mattress and super soft surface can offer your pet better sleep.
  • The crate mat has an anti-slip, non-skid bottom which can greatly prevent shifting and work great on floors.
  • The mat is machine washable, will keep in original shape after many times of washing.
  • And it can protect your furniture, floors or car seat from dirt and fur.
  • Sizes range from 22″ to 48″
  • Choice of colors are gray, blue, brown, red, and pink.

furrybaby cat bed cat mat for cats or small animals



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