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Fresh Step Crystals Health Monitoring Cat Litter Review

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Fresh Step Crystals Health Monitoring Cat Litter

So many kinds of litter today, that it seems a bit baffling to figure which one suits your household. Number one issue above all else is that the cats have to like it. If they won’t use it you are in for a big huge problem.

Crystals Health Monitoring they proclaim. And this is definitely a new product on the scene. It has potential for letting you know if your cat might be suffering from an illness. There are many brands and health related boxes to keep you knowledgeable about your fur baby.

But as all things, it isn’t for everyone. After checking out some reviews there are pros and cons.

Doesn’t clump. Some customers are not happy with the mess the litter makes. Not all cats are eager to use it. Seems a little more high-maintenance to use. I think customer usage is important to take into consideration. This litter might be the perfect answer for some cat families, but not so sure if this is the best from the Fresh Step product line.

Fresh Step does have many other litters available and there might be a better one for your needs. Hints of Gain, Febreze, if you like those smells, I prefer unscented litter. Remember if you like it doesn’t mean your cat does. Cat’s noses are more sensitive and might find the odor objectionable. Not so great if you want them using the litter box.

pH-activated crystals monitor the urine. But I wonder if you are not around to see the results is this really helpful. And if you have more than one cat, it would be more difficult to figure whose urine is being colored, unless you were there to see the cat use the box.

In theory this sounds like a great aid in health care for your cat, but it is only as good as you can be proactive.

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Fresh Step Health Monitoring Cat Litter

• pH-activated litter changes color instantly to detect irregularities in your cat’s urine, which could indicate health issues.

     Easy to read color changes:

     Orange (low pH) = Urine is acidic, which could be a sign of bladder stones or acidosis.

     Yellow/Green (typical pH) = Urine is within the standard range.

     Dark Green/Blue (high pH) = Urine is alkaline, which could be a sign of UTIs, bladder stones, or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

     Red/Pink (potentially blood) = Blood may be an indication of health issues as (FLUTD).

• Crystals litter is lightweight and easy to use; one bag equals 25 pounds of traditional clumping cat litter and is easy to pour.

• Ammonia Block Technology helps control odors for up to 30 days, keeping the litter box clean and smelling fresh between changes.

• This innovative health monitoring litter was created with your cat’s health and happiness in mind by Fresh Step, a veterinarian recommended cat litter brand.

• Scan the QR code on the back of the package to get help interpreting your cat’s litter usage, access helpful highlights about pH urine from a veterinarian, and more.

• Dump and refill every 20-30 days or as needed. Do not flush.

• To introduce litter, place a new litter box of crystals next to your current one, OR mix crystals with your current litter for a few days before the switch. Once your cat accepts Fresh Step® Crystals Health Monitoring Litter, we do not recommend continuing to mix it with other litters.

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