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Fresh News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter Review

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Fresh News Original Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly cat litter? This Fresh News might just be the answer. Made from recycled paper. How many times do we just throw out boxes that could be reused? Sure I keep some around in case I need them, but most times I just cut them down and put in my recycle bin. Boxes are a nice way to transport products. But having worked in warehouses where we got product everyday it became a mounting problem for storage. We would break them down and someone would take them away to the recycle places. Nice when our waste gets a second use.

The nice part about this litter is your cat will not have an allergy problem to it. Will they like it? Maybe, but you would need to do as whenever you introduce new litters to cats, is put the new litter on the bottom. Soon it will rise to the top as they dig around trying to cover up their business. When and if there is no objectional odor in the cat’s opinion, the new litter will pass approval.

It is easier on your cat’s paws comparison to some clumping litters. The clumping litters have always made me wonder about the possibility for your pet to ingest the product while cleaning their paws. But I guess there is also the problem of having to walk on hard clumps getting in and out of the box. More of a problem if you have more than one cat using the same box. I think this litter is very safe to consider if you want to switch to an environmentally friendly cat litter.

Can you find the perfect cat litter? There are so many on the market today, all claiming to be the best. The word “best” needs to be defined as your needs. If your lifestyle would be better with a clumping litter, then there are many. But this only works if it is not causing your cat health issues, such as sore paws or problems with ingesting the litter. The smell can be overlooked if it means your cat’s health is suffering. As I have reviewed litters, there are many that don’t have an odor; making your house smell like you have 20 cats living there. I use non-clumping corn cobs and there is more than one company that sells it. Some are smaller size litter than I use and I would hunt for that if my cats were having paw issues or I might even try this paper litter.

If you have an automatic litter box, then you have to use what the manufacturer recommends or you can damage the machine. With how expensive they are you need to follow what they suggest. Sometimes they give you a few alternatives. With the “manual” boxes the field is wide open to what you want to try. Just remember, because you like a scented litter, doesn’t mean your cat will be thrilled. You really don’t want a cat revolt, or you could be washing a lot of bedding if they decide beds are better than the new litter. Been through that over the years, you soon learn to adjust very quickly. The quicker the better before it becomes a habit that becomes hard to break.

Fresh News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter

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Fresh News Paper Cat Litter Information

• Fresh News cat litter is made in Michigan from 100% recycled paper that is received from recycling centers and PaperGator Recycling Program. 

• 99% dust free cat litter is designed for low tracking and absorbs 3x more than traditional clay cat litter.

• Moisture locking litter pellets help neutralize litter box odors to keep your home smelling fresh. Super absorbent odor fighting. Fights odors from natural carbon in recycled paper and Fresh News ammonia locker technology. Highly absorbent cat litter.

• Perfect for multiple cat litter boxes and multi cat homes.

• Environmentally friendly cat litter is biodegradable when composted.

• Fresh News Recycled Paper Cat Litter Original Pellets: Contains 25 pounds of super absorbent strength and odor control litter; pellets are light & soft for comfort and keep their form when wet.

• Premium Odor Control: Keep your pet’s litter box fresh & odor free; Moisture-locking pellets with baking soda and Ammonia Locker Technology provide outstanding odor control to help neutralize odors.

• Good for your pets and for the environment, the litter is made with 100% post consumer paper from recycling centers, safe for your cats, and is biodegradable when composted.

• 100% non allergenic, giving you a cleaner litter box and home.

• This littler is formulated with post-consumer recycled paper, which means that it is biodegradable when composted, non-allergenic and 3x more absorbent than clay. Plus, it features moisture-locking pellets that help neutralize unpleasant litter box odors.

• Help the environment. Using and composting Fresh News during the average pet’s lifetime diverts approximately 3000 pounds of litter from landfills.

• Clean and easy. Arrives ready to use with a zipper for easy storage.

Fresh News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter

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