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Fostantfly cat litter mat review

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Fostanfly Cat Litter Mat

Litter boxes come with the joys of having a cat or shall I say being owned by a cat or two. Never heard of anybody ever loving to clean the litter box or enjoy the mess litter box users make. Can’t blame the litter box, it is always the user that causes the mess.

How big the mess is, depends on many factors. Are your box sides short? Do you have a wild child that likes to dig for buried treasure? Joking on that one… but you know there are some cats that will keep digging and digging, leaving you to wonder what the problem is. Or do you have one that flies out of the box to escape some imaginary phantom cat?

Even the most well-mannered litter box user still makes a bit of a mess. For whatever reason, what was once hanging out by the litter box is now in the hallway. Litter scatters unless you can corral it. Good luck on that one unless you have a robot vacuum that attacks the moment your cat propels out of the litter box.

The best solution is to have a cat litter trapping device that is ready to do the job no one else wants to do. There are many cat mats, even just a regular mat will help with litter mess, but maybe a mat that is designed to help with the problem of capturing stray litter is more appropriate. Lots of mats to choose from and finding the right size and one that meets your needs is important. Maybe through our reviews you can make a more informed decision. But please measure the space you want to put a mat and consider the surrounding areas such as doors or a possible tripping hazard.

Fostanfly cat litter mat

What Fostanfly Litter Trapping Mat has to Offer

• Machine Washable and Easy Clean: The four-side detachable cat litter mat consists of upper and lower layers. The upper honeycomb layer can be washed directly with the shower head, and the bottom layer can be directly machine washed, freeing your hands, avoiding contact with urine and litter, saving time and energy.

• Upgraded Urine-proof Design: The bottom layer mat contains high-quality absorbent, waterproof leak-proof material to keep nasty odors and cat urine from seeping into your expensive hardwood floors and carpets. With non-slip design, the cat will not slide when walking on the mat.

• The large 12*10mm honeycomb hole design can easily collect cat litter. The portable four-sided detachable double large mat, can be picked up and contents poured back into the litter box for reuse. It is suitable for various types of cat litter.

• High Quality Material: Aiming at the characteristics that cats like to scratch, the litter box mat is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly EVA. The sturdy, non-toxic and odorless mat will not cause harm to your Kitty. The soft mat protects cat paws. Cats like the feeling of stepping on it.

• Place the cat trapping mat under the litter box, as your Kitty exits the box, the scatter control honeycomb holes will capture particles stuck in the cat’s paws, preventing the cat litter from falling on your carpet, floor, sofa etc.

Fostanfly cat litter mat

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