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FLARUZIY Large Foldable, Portable Cat Litter Box Review

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FLARUZIY Cat Litter Box, Foldable Large Portable Litter Box

Will you be traveling with your cat?

This is definitely a different kind of litter box. It is especially great if your cat needs a high sided box. Taking a cat on vacation or even just somewhere for a short visit this would be ideal. The cat goes in a carrier while you are going to your destination. Once there, this box can be quickly set-up. The litter is in the box, even a special compartment for the scoop and bags.

Since it has a clear door for the entrance, your cat can see what is going and still have privacy. There is a door on top for the charcoal filter. This helps eliminate odor.

Traveling to friends or family with a cat. This litter box is ideal for controlling your cat’s needs without causing inconveniences for your host. Going in an RV? A great take a long litter box. Or even if you were flying this is a great destination box to have, with everything neatly inside and not taking up a lot of room.

When not in use it can be folded up. A great emergency system if you have to pack and leave. Even dropping your furry friend off at family or friend’s house while you are out of town. Litter box, complete with litter. A cat carrier and cat food ready to go. Perfect for the person who travels a lot.

Flaruziy cat litter box

Foldable Portable Cat Litter Box

• FLARUZIY cat litter box has a foldable design for easy to carry and space-saving, allowing for quick cleaning of cat waste even when traveling outdoors.

• Innovative product design fully sealed after buttoning, preventing cat litter and cat urine leakage. The base cat litter box has a capacity of 13 liters, recommend that about 6 liters are enough. Suitable for any type of cat litter. The fully enclosed litter box design keeps odors inside the litter box to reduce odors in your home. In addition, we also equip you with 5 odor removal charcoal packs, which can effectively absorb most odors.

• In order to solve the problem that cat litter is easy to kick out by cats, there is an added mesh filter channel at the entrance and exit of the cat litter box, which can effectively filter out the cat litter on the cat’s feet and avoid the problem of litter dirtying the floor.

• The cat litter box can reach 22 x 17.7 x 15.7 inches of extra large activity space when unfolded, suitable for cats weighing no more than 20 pounds. Provides a comfortable space for your cat.

• The box has a built-in hidden storage space, which can easily store cat litter scoop (product included) and garbage bags without occupying additional space, making cleaning more efficient and worry-free.

• Carbon steel support strip is sturdy and stable with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 150 pounds.

• A clear entrance door is 7.5 inches, can be installed or left off, depending on your needs or preference.

Flaruziy cat litter box


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