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Dangerous Plants for Cats


Siamese cats enjoying an afternoon nap

Lucy and Lily relaxing in the afternoon

Danger of Plants and Flowers for Cats


There are many dangerous plants and flowers for cats. On the same note, some safe ones. Catnip anyone?


Before acquiring any flowers or plants, learn what is safe around your “4 legged horticulturist”. I say in jest, from experience.


Grew a few Narcissus once. Did fine for a while. Then got spindly. (Toxic to cats, just got lucky I guess.)


Cat Destruction


Crocuses that had grown 4 inches high, sheared off by one of my earlier cats. Evidence of who was guilty when she upchucked the greenery.


My husband used to bring home flowers.


The cats invariably gravitated to my bouquets. It survived the first day. In the morning, strewn over where the vase sat, was baby’s breath. They pulled most of it out of the arrangement.


Replacement lasted until unsupervised. Cleaning up where the vase sat became a ritual. Baby’s breath buds peppered the carpet.


The last bouquet was the final straw. Freckles allowed me to enjoy the bouquet of carnations for one day. I woke the next morning to find the flower heads decapitated from their stems. My heart sank with disappointment as I placed the blossoms in a bowl of water.


Flower Solutions


artificial flowers in the living room

Artificial flowers on pedestal


Started work for a company that manufactured high-end artificial flowers. They looked so real; pointless to continue purchasing flowers that wound up in the compost pile in a week. Ah yes, I miss the fragrance of roses and carnations.


Now I have vases of flowers. Other than a few minor attacks on the stems, the cats leave them alone. The bouquets look amazing, and they remain nice until I am ready to change them for a different season. Miss the scent of fresh flowers, such as I miss the hypnotic woody aroma of a cut Christmas tree. Safer for the cats. And the cost of not having fresh flowers is a win.


Check out toxic plants for cats


ASPCA list of toxic plants for cats. They do say the following: The consumption of any plant material may cause vomiting and gastrointestinal upset for dogs and cats. Plants listed as either non-toxic, or potentially toxic with mild GI upset as their symptoms are not expected to be life-threatening to your pets.


The list is long. Most cats might leave them alone… but you can’t count on that. Best bet is to identify what you are bringing into your home and will it be a serious hazard for your cat’s health. My thoughts on all of this comes down to is it worth the risk? Even catnip can cause an upset in some cats.


I had a Philodendron species in the living room. The cats left it alone, other than climbing in the soil. Not thrilled with that behavior.


One day the young kitten, maybe he was 4 months old, leaped up and snatched a leaf, tearing it off with his mouth. Panicked, I grabbed the leaf and him. Washed his mouth with water. He survived the assault. I observed him for a day to be assured he was fine. I tossed the plant.


Green Thumb Disaster


artificial flowers in a green vase

Red bouquet of artificial flowers



Years later, I tried to house 3 lavender plants, anticipating  control of the spider population. Plants suffered and did nothing to eradicate the spiders. To assess what plants are harmless for cats and prevent spiders in my house failed.


After I killed one of my 3 lavender plants and put the other 2 in jeopardy. Settled for a natural spray outside the house for spiders.


Green thumb attempt at growing a few indoor herbs ended miserably. I guess artificial flowers and greenery are more my style.


Now I can appreciate my bouquet of begonias without poisoning my cats… the best of both worlds. Adding color without the worry.

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Questions: Do you have cats that destroy your indoor plants?

                    Have you had any bad experiences with plants making your cat sick?



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