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Cove Backyard Jungle Catio Review

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9 Piece Cove Backyard Jungle Catio

A nice design for cats and their desire to climb and explore. Might need a few friends to help construct this for your cats. The possibilities are endless for how you can tie it in with your home. The question would be, do you have enough room in your backyard to accommodate this size of structure. You definitely don’t want something that takes up half or more of your patio area. Will it complement your house or will it be so overwhelming that lives little room for you to enjoy your outside living.

This is more designed for the two store house. There are accessories that can transport your cat out into the trees, if you care to get that ambitious. Tunnels and trails are available to add to this catio. I do like the enclosures that you can easily enter. Of course the negative part is if the catio is high, then you might not be able to retrieve your cat if they chose not to come down from their perch in the sky.

Cove Backyard Jungle Catio table

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Catio Backyard Jungle for Cats by Cove

Product size is: 96″ Long x 48″ Wide x 96″ High

Customizable play land for multiple cats.

Providing fun and physical activity by climbing, jumping, running, and perching up high like they might do in the wild.

Stimulating for the bored cat.

They can watch birds, squirrels, and other critters without the dangers of being free to roam.

Great for the cat that could use a little weight management.

Easily expandable for future growth.

Powder coated for long lifespan.

Heavy duty welded wire.

Only a few tools required for easy set-up.

Optional canvas tops available.

Hundreds of configurations available.


Cove Backyard Jungle Catio table

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