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Changing Cat Litters – Love This One

SmartCat Unscented clumping grass litter


Changing Cat Litters

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Thought I was hooked on one odor and dust free litter. But even after many years anything is possible.


There was clay available many years ago. It was heavy and dusty. And it really didn’t hide odor.


Breeder friends introduced me to corn cob litter. Not really advertised for cats. It referenced small animal litter. Referring to birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc. But a number of breeders used it for cat litter. I did go through a process of also using rabbit pellets and later a combination of the corn cob litter. Eventually deciding on only corn cob litter.


I profusely shunned the clumping litter. Overwhelming thoughts if it gets wet and clumps into hard rocks. What happens to my cat’s insides if they swallow some?


Didn’t like the possible option, so I continued for 35 years with corn cobs.


What changed my mind?

I read an article on one clumping litter by a veterinarian. She mentioned a natural clumping litter and all the benefits of a clean box. After reading about the ingredients, it seemed to align with my idea of what a safe litter might be.


Look and feel of sand.

SmartCat All Natural Unscented Litter is made from all natural 100% grass seed grown in the USA. It is a fine sand like material. Sure it tracks and I wonder what litter doesn’t track? Unless you can get your cats to wipe their feet when they exit the litter box, you will get tracking. But in comparison to my corn cob litter, it is not nearly as painful on bare feet, for either them or me.


Super benefits

I bought 4 – 20lb bags. Two cats and 3 litter boxes. Figured even if it wasn’t something I wanted to continue with, it could be mixed with my corn cob litter. The first 2 boxes I cleaned and filled with the new litter and added about one inch of the corn cob litter to the top. This was on May 10th. The 3rd box was filled the same way on May 18th.


On June 24th I dumped one of the boxes into the 3rd box, as it was getting low. That box was cleaned and filled with only the SmartCat litter. The suggestion is to fill the box to 4 inches. I started with that but found it was still easy to clean if it got lower. As you scoop the clumps it needs to have some litter added from time to time.


All urine is isolated into forming clumps. It keeps the rest of the litter clean and keeps paws clean. I did wipe down one side of the first box with a damp paper towel. Lily stands up to pee and it dribbles down the inside of the box. But with a firm grip on the scoop it is easy enough to remove the clumps.


Hubby is loving this. Only one box was taken outside to be washed. And the bottom was completely dry and no odor.


Before we had to clean the boxes once a week and sometimes they were very wet. The corn cob was great as the pee drained to the bottom. For the most part there was no smell. But I am definitely hooked on this new litter. After Lucy got over the sinking feeling when standing on the new litter she has had no problem with adjusting.


Not sure when I will be washing box 2 and 3. They prefer using box 1, and I am in there cleaning often. Not that I couldn’t go 24 hours without cleaning. Since I am home, it only takes a few minutes to scoop.


How much litter and how long does it last.

When I was using a 25 lb bag of corn cob litter, I bought 3 bags about every 6 weeks. It is now 8 weeks and I still have almost 2 bags left in my container of the original 4 bags. I don’t need to add anything to their litter boxes for at least another week and I won’t need to purchase anymore for another month. This is definitely a much better purchase. And it costs a little less than the corn cobs.


It is not going to hide the odor with scents, besides I don’t think cats are fond of lavender. But it hides the odor enough, IF your cats bury the poop. The urine is quickly absorbed by the litter and it is so nice their paws don’t touch the urine in the box.


Honestly, I never thought I would sing the praises of any clumping litter. But this one lives up to expectations of what a litter should be. 100% natural, unscented, and long lasting.


If you live in a place that washing litter boxes is difficult or you just hate doing it, this is definitely a big plus.


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